On Grace, Ritual + "Aykanna" With Sukhdev Jackson

This Is Sukhdev Jackson, creatrix of Aykanna. Sukhdev will be sharing in Concert, Kundalini Yoga and Ceremony atBloom 2016 this October. To join her and experience this year's Its Time To Bloom visit HERE

An interview on Grace, Ritual and the essence of "Aykanna" with Sukhdev.

What is your morning ritual to cultivate clarity and grace  (self care must do’s)?

"My morning ritual is the most important part of my day. I do what we call in Kundalini Yoga, an early morning Sadhana. An opening prayer, followed by some warm ups, and a couple of meditations. One of the I have taken on for 1000 days. It’s 11 mins long. Whilst I do that I listen to various prayers on headphones that speak to my heart and help me to invoke the feeling of the Divine. Often I chant after that whilst my daughter wakes up and cuddle in my lap. Then I may go a good 4k run a few times a week. Then I feel ready to face the day! No matter what may come. What is most powerful for me is to get up before the sun rises…that is really when I can feel the connection to my own Divinity. 

Who do you believe is your spirit animal and why? (optional) 

"Horse. Power and strength and such gentleness. Horse medicine has been in my family for four generations. My mother had horses her whole life and had a deep connection with them. I have felt that connection with them too. Now my daughter has been riding since she was 2.5 years old and feels a strong connection to them too." 

What is the true essence of  “Aykanna”

"Ah! The Pipeline - between heaven and earth. The prayer of Yeshua. What is known mostly as the Lord’s Prayer. How is heaven going to show up on earth? Through you, through me! We are the vessels. All of us. Aykanna is all that want to take that journey in bringing heaven to earth. 

Akah (my husband) and I never said we want to be a group together, we want to be called Aykanna. It called us. It unfolded naturally and we were in a place in our lives where we listened. And we followed…..

So all that we do, download and share is from that intention." 

Name one muse that continues to inspire you?

"My community. All the beautiful souls I surround myself with and witnessing them grow and expand more into their true essence as they share there gifts so abundantly. That inspires me to be more of me everyday."

What is your daily ritual to stay connected and in the creative flow? 

"To think before I speak and remember to breathe deep and to use the power of song to get me out of a funk or negative moment." 

What makes you feel Graceful and Victorious?

"When I teach or chant I connect deeply to those qualities. Also when I can overcome a moment with either my husband or child when I feel frustrated or impatient and instead I can use the power of my grace and stillness to move through it and resolve it." 

How do you wish women to feel during and after your offerings?

"Home, like they have come home to themselves. Wether through tears, smiles, screams, laughter or a hardcore Kundalini Posture that they had to hold for 11 mins!"

What are your rituals in regards to the New Moon and Full Moon phases?

"We do a little family ritual on new moon where we sing some songs, talk about what we want to create for the next cycle. Sometimes I might find myself at a women’s new moon circle. Full moon calls for celebration. As a family we may sing songs, cook a big meal and invite friends over. My daughter and I  love to dance together as well "

What is your current Mantra, Prayer or Affirmation that you pull up for support? (when you feel lack, depleted or low)

 "The Ma Chant - Its a meditation and mantra for the Divine Shield and positivity. It is all heart, and always moves any energy that Is stagnant.

If you make it a regular practice, you will become positive, fearless, and happy. Nothing will stop you as you pursue your goals. It will eliminate the feeling of loneliness and separation from your soul. 

What are you really excited about for 2017 and what were you grateful for in 2016?

"To get very still, travel less and ground into birthing these new songs. Offering more Women’s Work locally and being with my family in our new home. 

Grateful for the tough year that built so much grit and caliber in me. It strengthened me in many ways and I shall never forget this year!"

Robindra Mohar