Watch: Prenatal Kundalini Yoga with Myrah Penaloza

Practise banishing fear from pregnancy with this Kundalini Prenatal Yoga meditation. We have all been given this idea of what pregnancy looks like primarily from TV, Hollywood and media, scenes of women screaming, blood everywhere, doctors running around like crazy, getting stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital.  The toxic message is that pregnancy and birth we are weakened creatures at the mercy of a scary traumatic event. 


What if it didn't have to be that way? What if giving birth was and is a natural process of awakening and empowerment for women? Start to clear your mind of what you have seen and heard from the TV and media with this 5 minute meditation led by 9 months pregnant Myrah Penaloza. 

Let's banish fear. 

Myrah Penaloza is wearing the Kundalini Gown Original. Which is available for purchase here:

Myrah is the co-founder of It's Time To Bloom Festival, learn more here. 

Myrah is also the founder of La Luna Social, a global community of women supporting women.

Robindra Mohar