Just Do It + A Mantra for Yogi Entrepreneurs

On Entrepreneurship and taking big action that meets your big dreams. 


I think most of us are over addicted to doing vs being, we live in a do A type personality culture. However I do think Nike was onto something here with their 'Just Do It' Slogan.

I’ve been spending a ton of time with all kinds of entrepreneurs from micro business owners to full on store owners and I find that I hear about their big ideas and dreams, however they find themselves stuck in their own way, often things like not knowing what to name your business or product, or not being “technical enough” to do many of the day to day things that most small business entrepreneurs have to engage in.  Paralysis by analysis is also all too common. I find it is very common with entrepreneurs who don't fully own their dharma, their calling or how Simon Sinek shares, they are not connected to their "Why", so they spend their days not taking the big action that is really required to make big dreams come true. 

Seem’s like many entrepreneurs are waiting for the perfect something, name, product, timing, website, logo or whatever they think they need to be successful. What I’ve been sharing lately is simply the magic in just taking action on your inspirations.

When the muse calls, LISTEN & ACT!

When those ideas arise that make your heart sing, make you laugh, those are the ones to take action on immediately, sometimes you feel that the idea will be there waiting for you tomorrow, but more often than not, life will get in the way, tragedy, busyness all of it get in the way.  

Bright Eye x Open Heart Theory

I am an advocate for entrepreneurs to live a life in total alignment what brightens their eyes and makes their hearts sing. It is only then you will be totally immersed in the world of creation, to be in the flow of all of life and your business.

This thing that lights you up, is your gift, it is not actually for you, its for you to share with the world.  

If you see something missing, its probably your job to bring it.

One of the main prerequisites of having a real business is knowing exactly what problem you solve in the hearts and minds of your customers.  It takes some major slowing down to fully get sensitive to what they are really looking for, it takes many conversations, quality time per se, to get to the bottom of the gold mine you are digging. If you do see something missing, usually as an entrepreneur it is your job to bring it and that takes action. 

Stop playing small, just do it, know that you have everything you need right in front of you to actualize your ideas, dreams, goals and visions for you business and life.

We play this game called let’s pretend, and then forget that we are pretending, pretending to not know who we really are. You are the centre that watches and runs the show that can choose which way it will go. You are that powerful loving perfect reflection of the cosmos. Be willing to express your will power in a skillful loving manner.

Let’s close this idea off with a little mantra you can use. 


now always

in each situation

as fully free

as I allow myself 

to be.

Now go out there and JUST DO IT! 

Robindra Mohar