On Mindful Entrepreneurship - Episode 1

Inner Voice ALERT: My hamstrings are never going to open. My practice should be much deeper for all the years I've been practicing. I'm not there yet and I'm frustrated with my practice.... I'll never get it, I'm not good enough.



CAN YOU Relate? 

In a galaxy not too far away, I used to focus on all the things going wrong in my life, business and body, primarily because it was an easier path to follow than learning to love and accept myself and my life as it is.

For entrepreneurs, self love and self care are not words that are talked about much and it's time to bring that conversation forward. I speak from personal experience, that no one can prepare you for losing everything as I did as a young entrepreneur in my early mid 20's. I had a very successful business gone wrong, I went from literally making millions per year in sales to losing everything I had and more, and for the next decade or so I had to learn how to piece everything back together, including learning to love myself again as I felt totally broken, embarrassed and abandoned, as a human and as a entrepreneur.

Failing as an entrepreneur in a very public transparent world where everyone else seems to be doing awesome (the Instagram highlight reel effect) can be daunting and I FEEL and worry deeply about #entrepreneurs and artists in my community and the world, most of us won't share how we really feel, how difficult it really is, or how they are really doing because that's failing and there's not much space for that in our go go go winner take all culture.

Thankfully, where there's a crack, that's where the light gets in.

Overtime my practice, curiosity, resilience and love for humanity really pulled me forward. Once I discovered the glowing golden thread between everything that brings my heart joy, that PEOPLE ARE BLOOMing is a pattern that keeps repeating out of my thoughts, actions and projects.

I knew I was onto something. Flash forward to today, I'm happy with my body, my practice as it is, I move with intention throughout my days and I've found love on an entirely new level as a new dad and really happy entrepreneur. I'm sharing a few workshops this month about mindful entrepreneurship. Join me? Click here to learn more. 

If you have a friend who is a full time or even part time entrepreneur, give them a HUG!

Chances are they are going through the ups and downs and not sharing much with anyone about it. Their health is probably at risk, because that's the first thing that goes out the door when we get busy, our HEALTH! 

Your business is here to serve YOU!

I truly believe that entrepreneurship is about designing a life and business that serves you. Not the other way around. Most people end up designing themselves a full time 80hr a week job.  Take the time to slow down and really look at the design of your business and don't be afraid to make mistakes. From what I've learned a lesson learned really helps you move and flow with all of life and as your ideas rushing in you won't be afraid to take action. 



Robindra Mohar