Live From the Light Within, an interview with Kristen Atunes on how her Bloom Journey transformed her life.

Bloom transformed my life is something we hear often from past festival participants. We recently saw a reply on our Instagram page from Kristen Attunes who said just that, and out of curiosity we asked her some questions by what that means to her and she graciously agreed to share.  

Kristen is a Saskatoon based meditation teacher who recently completed her training at Lifestyle Meditation. 


What is really inspiring you right now?

Right now my biggest inspiration has been the beautiful women entrepreneurs that I know personally or follow on social media. It truly amazes me what we are capable of. I see women who are passionate about something and are excited to share it with the world, then turn around and make it happen. That's exactly what happened with me (almost a year ago exactly!) at It's Time to Bloom!

I've always been inspired by the children I have had the pleasure of teaching meditation to. Children bring simplicity to mediation in their wonder, curiosity, and engagement. In teaching them, they inherently teach me.

If you were to promote/share BLOOM Festival with your friends, what would you tell them?

The Bloom festival is truly a celebration of ourselves and how the possibilities of creating beauty are truly endless. It has something for every body and mind. Every presentor, teacher, student, attendee has something to teach you. You'll learn so much about meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and living your best life, but you'll end up learning more about yourself.

What moved in you when you first discovered the festival? 

Every single person I interacted with at Bloom was friendly, warm and inviting. I was amazed that so many amazing people could be in one place at one time! I felt at home. Learning about meditation and minfulness stirred an eagerness to learn more, and more importantly to share it with the world. It felt like a door I was waiting for to open, finally opened.


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Three words to describe yourself?

This is always a tough question!

I'd say “vivacious, passionate and nurturing”

As a meditation teacher and entrepreneur, how do you balance the art of getting things done and taking care of yourself?

This is definitely something I am always working on, trying new ways to find balance. Currently I try my best to plan ahead. I look at my week and try to fit things in that absolutely need to get done, but I always make time for myself in the week. Whether its one evening or even day where I can slow down, relax and spend time with family.

My partner, Shane helps me with this too. When I find myself over-extended physically and mentally, he reminds me to slow down, and reminds me everything that needs to get done will, and I don't need to spread myself thin. Sometimes we can tell ourselves what we need but won't listen until someone else reminds us.

There are weeks that seem out of control, but with a daily meditation practice, I know that no matter what the day or week throws at me, I always have that time for myself at the end of the day to rejuvenate my body and mind.

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What was it that motivated you to come? And, what was the impact. Was it something someone said, the environment she stepped in, what was it? 

My best friend Danica told me about Bloom and invited me to go along with her. We were both excited for a weekend away, to treat ourselves with yoga, meditation and the company of inspiring people and teachers. I don't know if I can ever express how impactful this trip to Edmonton was for me. I went expecting a lovely weekend and left with a completely changed view of myself, and what I want to do with my life.

What are you looking to get out of this years Festival? Have you encouraged others to join you?

I have told many friends and clients about this festival, and I love sharing how impactful it has been to me. I am hoping to see some familiar faces, learn more about meditation, yoga, finding balance and treating myself to a rejuvenating weekend away, with my best friend Danica.


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What is one surprising thing you have learned from people when you teach them meditation?

Teaching children meditation has amazing because I learned that children already know how to be mindful, live in the moment, and cope with stress. We have all been born with these abilities and we almost learn-out of them as we grow up. This has awakened an endless drive in me to continue teaching them, and allowing them to teach me.

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What inspired you to teach meditation?

After a few seminars at Bloom, I knew I was interested in pursuing a mediation practice for myself. It wasn't until Mandy Trapp's talk that I knew this was something I had to do. She inspired me almost instantly. A beautiful, down to earth, mother of three, who gracefully taught us about meditation. After learning more about meditation myself, I knew the greatest honour would be to share it with others.

Who are you finding are most interested in meditation right now?

It's tough to say who has been the most interested as I have gotten a wide variety of people inquiring more about meditation. I would definitely say women have been more interested than men, and they've usually been ages 20-35 or so. And I've had quite a few parents interested in having their children learn more about meditation and mindfulness, which is great!

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What is your website, how can people find you and share any upcoming offerings you have in the next year.

You can find me at – my email and phone number is on the website, along with my event schedule and more information about me and what I can offer.

I also do quite a few workshops with my friend Danica who took the same training as me at LifeStyle Meditation.


Are you excited yet?  We hope to see you all at BLOOM Festival 2017, we do have many meditation classes to choose from at the festival.   

Robindra Mohar