Yoga & Entrepreneurship with Robindra Mohar

Hi everyone, finally getting back into the swing of the BLOOM Blog again. We took a few months to get everything in our lives back in order. Hosting a festival to the scale that we did last year in 2017 is really like having a baby, it almost takes a year to heal from it and get back into our normal groove. 


I had the chance to catch up with Veronica Thai and her Curious Monki Podcast recently and it was a really great conversation about yoga, entrepreneurship and much more. 

Listen to the Curious Monki Podcast interview with Robindra here.

Key Nuggets:

  • For Robindra, one of the biggest benefits of yoga was that it helped him move from achieving (always striving) to allowing.
  • A quote that he lives by and helps him through the tough times is  
“what you work, works”
  • There are two worlds: one of creating or one of destroying
  •  “All rivers lead to the ocean" – it’s about getting onto your own path and the river of creativity
  • Own your calling.  Sometimes you just need to choose, and once you choose then the path can unfold for you. And keep choosing it [that calling that you committed to] again and again.  Take comfort that if this isn’t your calling, your calling will show up. 
"if this isn't your calling, your calling will show up"
  • Your dharma isn’t about you.  It’s about how you want to leave that world and how that lights you up.
    • There are non complicated ways to live your dharma so don't psych yourself out by making it have to be this whole big thing.
    • There are many avenues to live your dharma and find flow.
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Robindra's take on entrepreneurship is that creating something on your own should answer the key questions: how can I make my life happier and healthier; and how can I help others make their life happier and healthier?
    • His biggest challenge for the It's Time To Bloom Festival:  starting this thing that wasn’t creating financial abundance right away and the uncertainty if it will at all (as with all businesses when they start off).
      • To get through this challenging times as well as others that he's faced, he goes back to what he lives by which is "what you work, works".  If it's not working then maybe you're not working it.
      • Another thing that helped was to remember to slow downThere’s this shift when you are acting from a place of your calling.
  • Biggest reward:  The impact that his creation has on participants' lives.  The example that sticks out is that there was this one participant, a young boy, who wasn't sure if he wanted to continue to live and was contemplating taking his own life.  Then he attended the Bloom Festival and his outlook was completely turned around.  To Robindra, impact like this is invaluable. 
  • ·         Look at psychology and design.
    • One lesson from creating the festival -  in the beginning Robindra focused on creativity, intention and everything else except for designing it for himself.  When he thought about how he wanted this to serve him as well, that’s when it all shifted.  He designed his festival so that he no longer had to expend the energy to do the take downs himself and he made sure that the it was financially abundant.   
  • Creating a community takes patience.  Most importantly you need to have clarity on who you're serving and how you can serve them.

One of Your Biggest Lessons So Far:

Be 100% responsible for the results in your life.  For Robindra, he finds that the more responsible he is, the more he finds that self love shows up.  Doing things like honoring commitments to himself is part of that.  For example, if he decides to wake up at a certain time then he is going to do it.  The more that happens, the more the relationship with self is nurtured and that's one place that confidence stems from.

What is one nugget of wisdom that you would share with everyone who is on this journey of growth and transformation?

Simplify life in all ways. Look at your environment and clean it up.  Create a beautiful environment for yourself to be in to start to find alignment.  Once you’re in alignment you will become more magnetic and powerful in this world.  You’ll start to be in the flow.

Robindra Mohar is an Edmonton based educator + festival producer + DJ.  He and his wife Myrah are the creators of the Canada based It’s Time To Bloom Festival and Together We Bloom Society.  He is also the catalyst for Yogi Entrepreneur School where he helps entrepreneurs design heart led businesses.  He himself has been an entrepreneur for almost two decades.  Aside from allll of that, he's also a new dad, chef, yogi, chai & music lover.  What a multifaceted fellow!

In this episode, Robindra gives his insights on the importance of creating from a place of dharma (calling) and shares his story on what it was like to create a nationwide festival - challenges, rewards and lessons learned.    


If you have any questions for Robindra or want to learn more, connect with him through:


Robindra Mohar