All Matters of Spirit to offer tea workshops at Bloom 2015

Cha Dao "The Way of Tea" is a practice that comes from ancient Chinese lineage. It has been used since its discovery by the Daoists and Sages as a form of medicine and a way to cultivate awakened presence, sustaining long states of meditation. We are excited to share that Baeyln @AllMattersOfSpirit (follow her on insta), will be sharing in multiple tea ceremonies at BLOOM 2015. We have limited space for these sessions so make sure to register for the early bird tickets.

Meet Baelyn


Baelyn grew up in Los Angeles studying dance from the time she was 4. This affinity with movement provided a doorway into her relationship with spirit, health and the body. She has since journeyed into deeper connections with Self through studying Yoga, Tea and Meditation. She has been influenced by teachers such as; Tea Master Wu De, Saul David Raye, S.N. Goenka, and Sweet Medicine Nation. In the past few years, her path has evolved toward deepening her relationship to Mother Earth through ceremonial work. Holding space with song and rhythm have become key elements in her work with the Sacred Feminine, and Tea the anchor to ground and cultivate the space of stillness. Whether serving traditional Tea Ceremonies, or holding ritual space through sound and drum, for her, these paths are ways of being a vessel for spirit and consciousness. Following her intuition has continued to lead her from one form of movement to another; from the intensely structured world of Ballet, to the quiet grace of a tea ceremony, or the wild rhythms of the Spiral Dance, Spirit speaks through her in the language of movement. It is a serendipitous occasion then that her received tea name, “Tien Wu” translates to “Heavenly Dance”.

"I have had the honor of working with Baelyn over the last few years.  Baelyn has been serving tea at the Spirit Weavers Gathering starting with the very first one in 2013.  The Tea ceremonies have been a huge blessing for the gathering.  They allow a space of grounding and connection with the earth and one another.  Baelyn's gentle spirit is welcoming and inviting to all.  Her relationship with tea is an inspiration and she continues to hold the space of the wise sage in and out of ceremony. Through every moment of the meditations with Baelyn I feel held, seen and supported by her.  We are so very grateful for her spirit and heart song." 

-Amy Woodruff, founder of Spirit Weavers 

"Cha Dao" The Way of Tea

Baelyn Elspeth at Bloom

Tea is a plant teacher, a spirit of Nature, manifested through this Leaf and awakened by hot water. Used in ceremony, it is a dance between the elements, a sensory exploration of presence, where everything is connected by space. Tea meets us exactly where we are and gives exactly what is needed. She is a graceful, strong, compassionate teacher. She shows us a doorway, opens it, and gives one the choice to enter wherever one feels comfortable. Every ceremony is completely unique unto itself and deeply moving. I have danced, cried, laughed hysterically, and travelled through time and space. I am blessed to serve and witness others find in their bowls the same magic that continues to inspire me. I am a student of the Leaf.