BLOOM FESTIVAL 2015 "Business Stream" Event Schedule

We have designed BLOOM 2015 to be an all inclusive, highly accessible experience that is suitable for those into yoga or not. This business stream of events in our festival weekend is perfect for business teams looking to engage in a weekend retreat together. Send your employee's and team to this experience to let them know you care about their wellbeing and personal & corporate development.  Interested?  Get registered today.  Edmonton yoga festival

Saturday, October 3rd.

9:15AM – Meditation Walk with Gath Stevenson and Yoga with Andrew Misle

11:30AM- Bloom opening Ceremony in Edmonton City Hall with Rae Ann Wood Shatz, Myrah Penaloza and Baeylin Elspeth

1:30-2:00PM: Freedom: Where You're Looking You Won't Find It with Vik Maraj

2:00-3:00PM: Insight into your True Strengths - Tracy Hutton 

3:00-5:00PM: Afternoon Break

5:00-7:00PM Afro-­‐Brazilian Movement for Positive Transformation

7:45-9:45PM: A Return to Love with Marianne Williamson    


Sunday, October 4th.

8:30-10:30AM: Introduction to Meditation with Linda Crawford

10:30-12:00PM Breakfast break.

12:00-1:00PM: The Art of Cultivating Energy (Work/Life Balance) with Dr. Geha Gonthier

12:45-­1:30PM: Your Voice. Your Brand. A discovery: Candid talk on Social Media for Small Business with Khayyam Wakil

1:30-3:00PM: Healing Sound Meditation with Rameen Peyrow & Musical Guest Garth Stevenson

3:30-4:30PM: The 10 Happiness Habits with Tracy Hutton

5:00-6:00PM: The Yoga Code (no stretchy pants required) with Jackie Dumaine