Happiness lives in the space of the new

Happiness lives in the space of the new.

It's the new that awakens the mind, opens your eyes to curiosity and puts you into the flow of life. 

Think about how much we do on autopilot everyday, it generally leads to boredom, disinterest, dullness.

This week, commit to get out of your routine, do things differently, drive to work a different way, ride your bike to yoga, meditate outside, take off your shoes and walk barefoot...

This will get you conscious immediately and awareness is an incredible and natural high that is totally accessible with this slight shift in your approach, perhaps you will meet someone you would have never met, or had a new idea that wouldn't have been sparked.... then step back into your day with raised awareness which then increases your flow, your efficiency, happiness and productivity.

Do this daily and you will experience huge shifts ❤️ a small incremental increase of 5% would cause your life to shift in huge ways.

Go on, do something different, get yourself in a more aware in the flow state and get on with your best life EVER.

Take care,


Robindra x Yogi Entrepreneur