How to Create Conscious and Joyful Relationships

aykanna bloom edmonton
aykanna bloom edmonton

One of the most challenging aspects of our lives is our relationships. Our relationship with ourself and with others. We are living in a new paradigm with access to new states of awareness and are learning about the self sensory system. Years from now we will communicate at a much higher frequency, thus we are beginning to relate to each other in much more subtle and nourishing ways.

With the power of a very specific mantric technology, we will eradicate negative past patterns around relationship to self and others and create a blank canvas. By engaging the frontal lobe—which controls the personality and developing a personal practice with these specific mantras—we masterfully align with our destiny. We learn how to move through our relationships with deep compassion and tend to the deeper purpose at play.

We are excited to share that Aykanna will be sharing a workshop called

The Science Of Joyful Relationships.


1. Powerful principles for living and creating conscious relationships in your life based on ancient yogic teachings, relationship psychologies and personal experience.

2. How to communicate with authenticity, vulnerability and courage. Creating deep and intimate connections that last.

3. Mantra meditations and breakthrough relationships tools that will help you shift out of negative emotional patterns and co-create conscious partnerships.

4. Kundalini Yoga practices that will become your best friend as you work towards a daily practice that will help you to develop a neutral mind, drop you into your heart and connect you more to yourself... thus to those around you.

These yogic practices and meditations will strengthen your nervous system, open your heart and connect you to that inner mastery that you already know is there to navigate your relationships with compassion, power and grace.

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