Meet Insiya Finn

We are delighted to announce that Purabotanicals has helped us bring Insiya Finn (co-founder of Blissology) to Edmonton for the Bloom Festival.

Insiya Rasiwala-Finn is a yogini, writer and Ayurvedic practitioner who grew up in India with the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda informing her life, yet she didn’t really understand in what way exactly until she moved to the US for college and rediscovered yoga. A certified Blissology ™ Yoga teacher, Insiya brings a unique and insightful East-West perspective to the modern yoga practice. She is known for her lyrical, graceful and strong, vinyasa flow practice, her knowledge of safe and effective foundational alignment, the energetics of the subtle body and her ability to make yoga and Ayurveda exciting, relevant and accessible to students new and old.

A believer in karma yoga, Insiya helped produce the Camp Moomba Yogathon for children impacted by HIV/AIDS in Vancouver,Canada; and in 2008 founded a Yoga program that places volunteer teachers at a women’s health collective in the city’s downtrodden Eastside.

Today, Insiya lives between Vancouver and Bali with her yogi husband Eoin Finn and their 3 year old son, Ananda, who happens to be one of her greatest inspirations and teachers of the vinyasa yoga we call life. She writes on holistic health and yoga for magazines including Asia Spa, Conde Nast Traveler and LA Yoga. You can follow her at She counts amongst her teachers Blissology Founder Eoin Finn, Shiva Rea, Dr. Robert Svoboda and Gioia Irwin.