Meet Janet Stone

If you haven't already heard the news, we are very excited to share that Janet Stone from San Francisco will be joining us in Edmonton for Bloom 2016. "Every second you have an opportunity to be in this practice."

In this spotlight on Janet Stone, she discusses what living yoga means to her and how we can all benefit

Janet Stone on the true meaning of Yoga, her personal journey to the mat and the power of chanting during yoga practice. Like Happy Healthy You on Facebook and join us for weekly podcasts and lots of sharing about living a whole life in mind, body and spirit.

Janet and Dj Drez released an album in 2015 called Echo's of Devotion which is available on iTunes right now, we highly recommend you download it. Janet will be sharing a bhakti 101 class at BLOOM live with DJ Drez so we know we are in for a real treat and super rare experience in Edmonton.

janet stone dj drez
janet stone dj drez