Moon Sun Fire Elemental Kundalini Workshop

Moon Sun Fire - Kundalini Workshop with Taylor Eyewalker

MOON ELEMENT: Friday April 25th, 2014   (7-9PM)

Dive deeply into the dreams you wish to create in your life, cultivate a fertile soil through an internal exploration of our cellular being to shift the blocks that stop you from creating them. We explore this through writing, direct communication with ourselves and others, ritual and kundalini Kriya to transform and create our deepest desires.

 SUN ELEMENT: Saturday April 26th, 2014  (9am-12NOON)

This journey will begin with a talk by Robindra on the art of living creatively and will be followed by the SUN elemental workshop led by Taylor Eyewalker.

Germinate the seeds of your dreams by invigorating spirit by activating the solar energy. Uncover your inner radiance, giving you the confidence to do all that is needed for your fullest expression in the world.

FIRE ELEMENT Sunday: April 27th, 2014

10AM -12Noon: Temple of Movement – Sattva Yoga Strength Sequence with Myrah Penaloza and music by Dj Robindrafari

1PM-4PM FIRE Workshop with Taylor Eyewalker - Transmutation in the cauldron of our minds and body, the element of fire gives us what we need to burn old karma, wounds, blocks, fears, resistance. In this deepening of the practice with fire we clear and set the stage for our new lives to begin, in dedication to our highest path.