We Bloomed, now what?

We BLOOMED, Now what?

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Screenshot 2015-10-15 20.45.44

Long story short, wipe your slate clean, and do it all over again!!

This is something many people have been asking us and is something we have been asking ourselves as well. We spent 2 full days with 35+ experiences all designed to inspire and open and push you to do things that maybe were not in your original comfort zone. There is a term called stretching, its something that you don’t do on your yoga mat, stretching happens when you push yourself beyond your comfort zone, and like an elastic that has been stretched it doesn’t come back to the same shape or size, it is forever changed and impacted. We hope that you got to leave with an experience of stretching, we hope that you share what you learned with your family, community and friends.

We hope that...

you made new friends that you might want to collaborate with, or connected more intimately with your existing circle of friends. We hope that something sparked in your hearts, minds and souls that opened you up to something new about your life, we hope you have new perspectives, ideas and dreams that you will be taking action on right away.  There are less than 3 months left in 2015, what can you do to rise strong? How can you support your friends, family and community even more? What barriers to love are on your path? Do you see them? Can you let them go?


The real now what

is to take some of the key ideas such as Marianne Williamson’s message about loving with conviction and expressing that in your life. How would you be, what would you do more of if you truly loved more, if you loved as much as your inner critic and those outer critics voiced their concerns.

Don’t Intellectualize IT!

We don’t want to know what you thought of BLOOM, we really don’t want you to intellectualize the experience. It’s so common in our culture to intellectualize everything, you goto a movie and the first thing we ask each other is, what did you think about it, which immediately takes you out of your body and into thought, thoughts that quite frankly might not even be yours, but that is an entirely another topic called “are you having your thoughts, or are your thoughts having you”.. I digress.. ok, back to it, just tap into whatever feelings came up, be that celebration, be that communion, community creativity and take action on your inspirations. Share your dreams, share your goals with your friends, loved ones and community and go out there and make it happen.

If you really want to think about something, ask yourself, what would your life be like without fear? What would your life look like? How would you be? What would you do day to day? What inspired potential would you act upon?

Rising above fear

The Bloom experience for us has been one of rising beyond fear and our own perceived notions of what is possible. Pressure makes diamonds they say, and they say that the true magic happens when you step outside of your comfort zone. Try the stretching concept more often, get yourself out of your bubble, truly, get out, if you goto yoga 7 days a week or even 5, try taking a dance class, or if you are strictly a spinner or runner, try a yoga class, expand your horizons, expand your community expand your mind and heart.


Bloom as a creative expression is what happens when you have an idea that takes root in your soul that simply needs to be expressed. We hope that this experience has inspired you to take on your big idea and take action towards its realization. Don't come to us and ask now what, ask yourselves, now what, ask your soul, your heart what it is inspired to do, and go do that!

Ask the questions from your heart, then live the answers.