Q: Where can I view the entire Festival Schedule?

The complete festival schedule will be released 40 days before the event.

Q: I don't have a credit card, can I pay by e-transfer?


1. Please send the e-transfer to tickets@itstimetobloom.com via your online banking system. This ticketing page does not allow for the e-transfer page here.

2. Please include your first name and last name and email in the e-transfer comment in your online banking system.

3. Once we receive the e-transfer, we will immediately send you a e-ticket and you are automatically added to our guest list. You don't need to print the ticket, though you are welcome to if you wish.

4. If you wish to pay by paypal, you can head over to www.paypal.me/itstimetobloom and enter in the amount for your ticket. In the message on paypal make sure to include your ticket type, first name and last name as well as email address.

Q: When do you release single day passes?

A: We release single day passes on September 1st.

Q: When is your festival schedule released and when can I register?

A: Our festival schedule will be released first week of September. Access will be sent to our early bird ticket holders first followed by our general admin ticket holders via email on September 16th. Once you purchase a ticket you will get an email confirmation from our team for the ticket and a separate email for your registration access.

Q: Does my weekend pass include an evening with danielle laporte?

A:  Absolutely!

Q: Will ticket prices rise again?

A: Yes, our Late Bloomer Ticket prices increase on October 1st.

Q: What is included in the VIP Pass?

A: VIP PASSES help us pay it forward to guests who might not be able to afford passes. Each year we give away 50-100 free passes via our Kindness Passes.

In addition to paying it forward VIP Perks Include:

* Grab bag filled with hundreds of dollars in take backs from local businesses and yoga studios (free passes, coupons, swag from the event)

* First invitation to some of our other events happening that week

* More perks to be announced soon.

Q: Do you need volunteers?

A: Absolutely! We will be offering 2 types of volunteer opportunities beginning September 16th. We will have a section on this website where you can apply. If you are accepted we will let you know by October 1st.

Q: does my 2 or 4 day weekend pass include access to the danielle laporte - white hot truth experience?

A:  Your 2 day or 4 day or Single day Saturday pass includes access to the Danielle Laporte Keynote experience.



Partial Sponsorship: 50% Discount on tickets for 5 hours of volunteer support.

Full Sponsorship: Free Festival pass for 10 hours of support.