Hello Bloomer's we have opened up several levels of volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering at Bloom is an incredible work experience for all types of people, from recently graduated students to artists looking to gain exposure. We have many positions to help you add to your work experience to set you up for your next big step. 

Super Volunteer: You are here to serve, to lend your super powers for a good cause. You are ok with not attending all the classes and would simply like to work and meet the community. Commitment 10-12 hrs.  Additional perk for the super volunteer is free access to the next full moon full bloom yoga experience.

Casual Volunteer: You would like to be at the festival but perhaps can't afford the full price so you would like to volunteer your time to be able to be a part of the festival weekend. We offer 50% of a 4 day pass for 6 hours of support.

In the Form Link below please answer these 2 questions.

1. Jet fuel: what you love to do, what super powers you know you have, and what amps you up

2. Kryptonite: what exhausts you, drains you, makes you nervous.

Here is your link to apply for Bloom 2019 Festival Volunteer Opportunities.

Apply here.

Please note.

  1. Please do not email our team in regards to your application until we have sent you an initial approval. 

  2. Application approvals will only happen 30-60 days out from the final Bloom Festival 2019 dates.

  3. Volunteers are not given access to register for events prior to the festival. You can access events and workshops that are open and not already full. Thank you!