The week after Bloom 2016...

Photo by Bloom 2016 Presenter Hey Amber Rae.

Photo by Bloom 2016 Presenter Hey Amber Rae.

Bloom 2016 completed just a few days ago. Our ears are still ringing, our hearts are still bursting. At any moment, most members of our team feel like they could almost cry. There was an energy to the entire festival that came through stronger than we had expected. Our intention of the festival was for people to explore, declare and celebrate what lights them up so that they could turn around and light up the world. 

What really excited us all weekend long was that people heard the call and the conversations happening were about celebrating and living mindful lives in alignment with our deepest desires and aspirations. 

We will be sharing photos and videos from the festival very soon on FB, Instagram and on this website. Please do check back soon.

We would love to hear your stories from BLOOM 2016, if you had a moment that changed your perspective, if you were inspired by the festival, please do email us at . We always get to hear from all the people who are complaining, but not as often as the people who LOVED IT.  Let us know if you would like the message to be private or if we are able to share it as well.  

What's next?

We are hosting The Yogi Entrepreneur School which begins November 14th at Lifestyle Meditation. Learn more here.

BLOOM is heading to Calgary to share an evening called Flower Moon, where we will explore the joy of living from a designed life featuring Robindra & Randelle Lusk on November 11th. Learn more here.  


Robindra Mohar