New Concept Lifestyle Meditation Studio to open in Edmonton this October

If you haven't already heard the news, Edmonton is about to get its first Meditation Studio developed by Lifestyle Meditation. We caught up with Lifestyle Meditation Founder Mandy Trapp to ask a few quick questions.


When is the new Lifestyle Meditation studio opening?

We have our grand opening week from Oct 17-22, with all classes free of charge for anyone that wants to come and check out the studio. 

Is there a grand opening? How can people get an invite to it?

On the 22nd we are welcoming guests to drop by anytime to tour the studio, meet some of our retail partners and learn more about who we are. There will be musical guests, yummy snacks and some great interactive experiences. No need to RSVP...just drop by a time between 11:00-4:00.

What inspired you to open a Meditation studio now?

I've been in the yoga/ meditation world as a teacher for nearly 18 years now and have been gifted the experience of witnessing its evolution. We live in a culture of commitment, expectation and to a great degree- isolation. It's not in our DNA to struggle independently trying to pay the bills and still be happy and as a result, we suffer. Anxiety, depression and addiction are commonplace and many people are seeking tools and resources to manage stress and create more sustainable peace and happiness. I believe that we can be the catalyst for those changes by offering a consistent space for others to learn, experience and connect in like-minded communities. 

Can you share a little about your origin story for the studio, i.e Did you have to overcome anything along the journey?

Like anyone with a dream that seems nearly impossible to pull off, the primary obstacle was my own story that I couldn't do it. I left behind an incredible world where I was at the top of my game teaching professional athletes and business executives. I could have made fistfuls of money and gone on having my ego padded by compliments as to what a "good job" I was doing. But, I wasn't interested in a job. I was interested in changing the way people communicate with each other and how every conversation is either a catalyst for growth or a contribution to the hamster wheel of suffering. I made the choice, I held my breath and I took a leap of faith. My gut hasn't steered me wrong yet and it was time to listen more closely than ever before if big things are to happen. Each day I feel more certain about that decision and feel like the luckiest person in the world keeping the biggest and best secret. I can't wait until we throw open the doors! 

What are a few things about the new Lifestyle Meditation studio that you are really excited about?

Our platform- we have rooted every one of our signature classes in the ancient science of Ayurveda. It's clear, simple and concise and will empower our guests to learn more about themselves and take control of their mental and emotional health. 

Our workshops and special events- we have the most exciting line up for our fall/ winter special events that will soon be released. My vision was to bring together top medical professionals, consciousness researchers, Mystics and more to discuss the multi-faceted field of mindfulness and meditation and how we can utilize this information to consciously choose our evolutionary path. 

Will there be daily meditation classes?

Everyday :) we offer classes 7 days a week. We have 6 signature classes and 3 exclusive classes that all fit within 30-45 minutes.

BL: What are your morning meditation rituals? 

I've meditated for most of my life and it always looks slightly different depending on where I'm at in life. Right now, I wake around 6:00am and spend the first 30-60 minutes of my day practicing meditation, breath and movement. One of my greatest teachers has been Paramahansa Yogananda and I am currently working through his lesson plans morning and night. I find that I don't really have an asana practice anymore and I'm very much at peace with that. I move my body in other ways and at this stage of life, silence is where I like to be. 

BL: What is your daily ritual to stay connected and in the creative flow? 

I find I receive the highest creative guidance when I'm in service. Whether I'm helping a stranger in need or supporting a dear friend, it's as though I have plugged myself back into the creative field. From here, inspiration just flows. 

BL: What creations or ideas are waiting to be born by you and for the studio in 2017?

I'm super excited about a new workshop experience about to be launched called "The Path". And....I'm finally going to finish my first book "The Gift of Grace". 

Robindra Mohar