Stop Doubting Your Path

Stop doubting your path.

This moment was meant to be.

You, me this moment, infinity, all ways here, all ways present.

Stop doubting reality, this is IT, life is happening now, stop doubting your inspirations, you know, those crazy ideas that enliven your entire existence, even the small musings, take action on your inspirations, like immediately, the goddess of opportunity loves and rewards actions, these ideas, inspirations, callings, come as whispers from your heart, they are not for you, but for you to share with the world, so get over yourself, and allow the inspiration to breathe, and when she speaks, listen and do whatever you can to act immediately, at least write it down, and then put it up physically on the wall where you can see it.

Stop doubting your path, this moment was meant to be, you, me, infinity. This is exactly how it's supposed to be, because that's the way it is, take small daily baby steps, then one day take leaps of faith and dive boldly into the sky of who you really are, then share that essence with the world which clearly needs more leaders, more light workers just like YOU in all areas of society.

Be the thermometer not the thermostat, you control the setting with your vibrant radiant, luminous being. You are, we are ready to BLOOM

Robindra Mohar