The 4th Annual Bloom Festival: An Interview With Robindra Mohar

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It seems like Edmonton's yoga scene has really come into its own in the past few years. That's because it's full of passionate people who care just as much about building community as deepening their own practice. One of those tireless individuals is Robindra Mohar, Executive Producer of the Bloom Festival. With the 4th Annual Bloom right around the corner, we asked him what motivates him and what's in store for this year.

What are you making? (i.e. tell us about the project you're currently working on)

The 4th Annual Bloom Festival. Our theme this year is discovering, declaring and celebrating your life purpose, your dharma. We bring together an eclectic blend of 49 workshops, talks, yoga, meditation and concerts over 4 days in Edmonton, Alberta!

What do you see as the biggest obstacle in your way?

Our biggest obstacle right now is that we are not quite big enough to hire staff to support us but with the volume of work that we need to do for this festival we do need talented people to support the project. We hope that with some grants, corporate sponsorships and more volunteers earlier on, we can make this a more enjoyable experience for ourselves.

How can people help?

Since the festival is happening this weekend, we just need help with expanding our audience and reach via social media and word of mouth. In the near future, we are creating a Bloom Planning Committee that people can join as volunteers to bring the festival together for 2017.

What motivates you to keep going with your project despite the challenges?

We got really clear in the last 2 years that what really brings us to life is when we can empower and create space for people to BLOOM in all areas of their lives. We believe that what the world really needs is more leaders. The world needs more people to light up and share their light with the world. For myself, people are the reason why I am making; it brings me the greatest joy when I can be a part of people being inspired to fully BLOOM. For my wife, Myrah, her passion is having people experience empowerment, to expand beyond what they believe is possible. We also made a decision a few years ago to live in Edmonton instead California and it was a big deal for us. At that time, we looked around and we saw that an experience like BLOOM was just not here and we found ourselves flying around the world to experience it. We decided to act on our inspiration. We know we can make our city an even more incredible place to be by bringing our best to it. For us, BLOOM is an offering to the City of Edmonton, to celebrate its people and create space for a wellness-oriented, healthy city!

Anything else you'd like to share?

BLOOM 2016 is happening October 13-16th at Fort Edmonton Park. You can read about it all at

If you are scared of yoga, we get it, we have talks happening all weekend long, so you can come try those out. They are like TEDtalks but focused on wellness, entrepreneurship and mindfulness. If you just want to come celebrate with a room full of people who are really into health and wellness join us for the BLOOM Gala on Saturday, October 15th from 7-11pm, we have The Steadies, Dj Drez, Poirier and many others performing to help you dance the night away.

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Robindra Mohar