Watch: I AM Mantra at Bloom Opening Night with Aykanna at Lifestyle Meditation

Our opening night at Bloom 2016 was truly unforgettable and will be with us for years to come with the following videos with Aykanna live at Lifestyle Meditation

Sukhdev shared her story about how this song came into her world.

"I got to a point in my healing journey, and I know every prayer in the book, Ive done all the kriyas, I've done all the mantras, and I just had to claim it, and so it is, from victimhood to victory, negativity for me was always associated with feeling like a victim, as a woman, I love working with women, that is in our DNA, most of our mothers, grandmothers felt that,  we are the reawakening right now, this mantra was the shifting point, no more, from victimhood to victorious, I claim my victory right here, right now.  I AM WHAT I AM is really about this claiming, that I AM VICTORIOUS! NOW." ~ Quote from Sukhdev Jackson 


I AM What I am is about claiming your victory.  I AM What I AM,

Aykanna sang this lovely mantra with us at BLOOM Festival 2016. 
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