Yogi Entrepreneur Winter Edition Begins November 20th

Yogi Entrepreneur is a 5 week workshop series that is part mastermind with fellow soulful entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, studio owners, wellness professionals and anyone interested in designing and living a more fun, expansive, heart led business and life.

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Workshop Dates:

Sunday November 20th 3:00-6:00PM

Sunday December 5th 3:00-6:00PM

Sunday January 8th 3:00-6:00PM

Sunday January 15th 3:00-6:00PM

Sunday January 22nd 3:00-6:00PM

As being a lifetime serial entrepreneur, Robindra has started and sold many businesses, winning and losing big, going from the dot.com to the dot calm of today, its been a journey that Robindra will share in hopes to spark the entrepreneur within you!

There is no yoga in this session and it is open to all entrepreneurs looking for ways to expand your business and learn about the yogi entrepreneur mindset.

I am super excited to share key distinctions, strategies and secrets to designing and living the life and business of your dreams. Open to everyone, yogis, business owners, people with ideas that haven’t been realized, start ups and good human beings 

Having started and sold many businesses, winning and losing big, going from the dot.com to the dot calm of today, its been a journey that Robindra will share in hopes to spark the entrepreneur within you!

Having a Spiritual practice without serving more and more people everyday does not cut it any more, learn how to move from ME to WE, it’s time to get over your self and get on with living a more powerful expression of yourself, learn about true abundance and how to access it for self in this highly interactive and do the workshop project.

We will get nerdy, technical, spiritual and businessy. Here we go!! 

Bring your computer, notebook, yoga mat and be ready to get started right away. 

There is boldness to beginning. 

This is for you if…

* You want 2017 to be your best year EVER.

* You are willing to do the work.

* You are willing to try new things in your work and business life.

*You find yourself constantly distracted and too busy to work on your dream projects.

* You just completed a yoga TT and are wondering what to do next??

* You want to play a much bigger game in life.

* You have been practising yoga and mindful practises long enough to know and feel that you arenÂ’t completely following the aliveness that you ultimately seek in your life.

* You don’t even practise yoga or meditation but would like to get started on launching one of your ideas..

* You have an idea that you would like to bring to the world but havenÂ’t launched it yet.

* You’ve done a yoga teacher training and you realize that there's an entire world of marketing and business to explore but you were never given any of this training.

* You have always wanted to be an entrepreneur but didnÂ’t think you have the skills, ideas or insert (anything) to go for it.

* You are super curious about social media and want to use it in a way to deliver you real results in real time.

* You are a business owner looking to implement new ways to expand the reach and scope of your business.

* You work 9-5 and know its not right for you and want to create your own business.

* You want to connect with other like minded entrepreneurs

Meet Robindra

Listen, I’ve been through alot in my close to 18 years being a full time entrepreneur and 15 years practising yoga. I’ve started and sold several businesses and have had my fair share of success and failures.

I’ve learned allot the hard way. I Am hoping to share some of my own stories and experiences with you over 5 weeks. 
I’ve been an entrepreneur since my early 20’s and have had major success and major failures in my time. I have grown my own business from $35K/year to $2M/year.

I absolutely love helping people with ideas who want to bring them to life in a big way.

5 Week Program Overview: 

Note this is subject to change and we will customize the program for who enters the program. 

Each session will begin with a discussion on key distinctions, we will look at real life examples and then turn the tables and do the work ourselves in groups and mastermind sessions together. 

This is a DO THE WORK shop. It’s about getting some of your ideas off the ground and into the world. Wherever you are we can work with your questions and get you moving!!

Week 1: Always start here: Creativity, Purpose & Dharma

Week 2: 8 Core Elements of the Yogi Entrepreneur. Yogi Entrepreneur Mindset, Creating an Entrepreneurial Environment, the local marketplace, global marketplace, where do you want to play? 

Week 3: Your Personal Brand + How to express your Dharma with Robindra & Jenn Clara. 

Week 4: Social Media, Trends & Technology Yogi Jedi Tricks with Robindra & Brandy.

Week 5: Let's Implement: Do the workshop.

Photoshoot with Jenn Clara includes: Headshot, 2-3 yoga poses, 1 meditation pose. Art direction by Robindra & Myrah.

Terms & Conditions

No refunds on cancellation within 15 days of the start date. Registration is transferable. Cancellations are subject to a $50 cancellation fee. 

Robindra Mohar