Meet Sacred Arts: A Conscious Community that is Blooming in Camrose, Alberta

Every year we have the great pleasure of meeting fellow small business owners and every time we are in awe of the quality, heart and services available right in our own backyard.

This year we had the pleasure of meeting and working with Sacred Arts that has created the most incredible community, cafe, yoga studio and gathering space we have seen in rural Alberta.

Sacred Arts features a Kundalini Yoga teacher training school, yoga studio and cafe all from Camrose, Alberta!!

What are 5 words to describe yourself?

5 words to describe Sacred Arts are Creative, Conscious, Community, Immersive, Nourishing.

Where did your passion for wellness begin?


Lisa: My passion for wellness emerged at a pivotal point of transition. There was a period of time when everything seemed to fall apart and I experienced a shift in all areas of my life. I changed my diet to improve my health, cutting out sugar and later becoming vegetarian.  A Course in Miracles gave me teachings to empower my relationships and perspective. Though I was a life-long student of yoga, discovering Kundalini Yoga profoundly changed how I process emotions, maintain consciousness and show up in life. I learned that my creative skills as an artist could help me powerfully transform my life by approaching life as the art I was creating. Since then, many miracles have unfolded from meeting my husband, to becoming an entrepreneur, and becoming a mother. Enabling others to create their lives with intention is my mission.

Ravidass: My passion for wellness began with my discovery of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.  I realized that true wellness begins with self-love and is sustained with daily habits.  Kundalini Yoga gave me a framework to master myself, which is an ongoing and rewarding journey.


What does ‘living with intention’ mean to you, and how do you practice it?

Living with intention means consciously choosing how to approach life. Life will present many unexpected opportunities and chances to grow. With conscious awareness of what we’d like to create, how we’d like to show up for ourselves and others, and how we can empower ourselves with tools for success, we give ourselves an opportunity to co-create with life at the highest level possible. Through this process of living with intention we are prepared to serve ourselves and others with the most love possible.


What are 3 simple everyday practices that anyone can do, to promote overall wellness?

Long Deep Breathing, eat plant-based whole-foods, and learn Kundalini Yoga.


What services do you offer?

We offer an immersive training and yoga centre.  In addition, we offer drop-in and registered yoga classes, a plant-based café, and a line of house-made vegan/gluten-free sauces, host Kundalini Yoga teacher training programs, and have a yoga store and gallery space. We both have personal offerings as well, with Ravidass being an acclaimed mantra musician and music producer, and Lisa being an internationally exhibited installation artist and designer. 

Which of these services would you recommend someone dealing with a high stress job or situation?

For anyone dealing with a high stress job or situation, we would highly recommend taking the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training programs. Many students initially take the training to gain a set of powerful tools and techniques for personal transformation with no intention to teach. Later though, students are so empowered, excited and enlivened, they can’t help but want to share the powerful technology that they have learned with others. These teachings can empower anyone to live their best life and manage any challenge with grace and grit.

What do you hope people feel and experience your services and products?

We hope people feel the love and devotion that comes through our services. Our business and professional offerings come out of a calling and commitment to uplift and inspire others. Ultimately, we hope others are empowered to live in service to their authentic self and true calling. Everyone has a unique path with incredible gifts to share, and our wish is for everyone to serve the world with as much love and joy as possible.

What’s your website address and social media handles so everyone can find you?

Robindra Mohar