Meet the two spiritually minded and physically conscious women behind Pure Essentials

Hi Bloomers, we wanted to to get a chance to meet Jayleen Renneberg and Rachel Blacklaws, the founders of Pure Essentials. We love a good entrepreneur story and these two both have created an incredible collection of products and services.

You can catch up with them in person at the BLOOM Market this year. 

About Pure Essentials As health and spiritual practitioners, we understand that there is much more to health than eating your greens. Knowing that we absorb approximately 60% of what is put on the skin, your beauty care products are extremely relevant in improving or maintaining optimum health and wellbeing. If you are trying to increase your energy, improve spiritual connections or loose weight, switching to natural products can help you on your journey.

Stress reduction is also a big piece of the puzzle which is why we have created an extensive essential oil line for you to enjoy. 


What are 5 words to describe yourself?

WE are: passionate, goofy, hippies, alternative, caring

Where did your passion for wellness begin?

With the drive to better ourselves. Both of us are always searching for ways to be better so naturally we gravitated towards healthy eating, natural medicine, meditation, yoga and energy work. It wasn't until we decided to educate others on how conventional cosmetics and cleaners can negatively impact your health that we began making natural products and learning more about the benefits of essential oils.


What does ‘living with intention’ mean to you, and how do you practice it?

For us it's about purpose driven life. Every interaction with something or someone serves a purpose whether it's to brighten someone else's day, to serve someone on their path to better health, to simply have fun or in a more hidden context of synchronicity. In our business, every product we've created in our line was created to serve a purpose, not just to smell good. The oils and the essential oils we choose for each product are very specific to what we are trying to achieve making our line unique and dynamic. Our entire business is also built on the principle that natural products should be accessible and accessibly priced for everyone. 

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What are 3 simple everyday practices that anyone can do, to promote overall wellness?

Live With Confidence by Re-Affirming Throughout the Day You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be- Self doubt is an @$$hole. I don't have enough formal education to... I have no experience for... Why would someone listen to me? These are all self-doubt phrases that we've experienced at one point or another that are completely limiting and stunt our progress instead of support it. Re-affirming yourself throughout the day that you are exactly where you should be helps to reprogram that negative loop and allows you to start appreciating where you are, giving you the confidence to be proud of yourself and move forward. 

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Breathe When Feelings Of Anxiety, Anger Or Stress Creep In- We've both struggled at different points in our lives with anxiety, depression and other mental illness. Allowing ourselves to be completely in the moment when feelings of stress, anger or anxiety creep in has been a very beneficial practice for both of us. The only way to really feel what you are supposed to be feeling is by pausing and breathing. Allow yourself to process the stress and a lot of the time, it will become clear as to where it's coming from. Staying in the feeling and breathing through it gives you the chance to fully be present and feel it, instead of suppressing it, only for it to come back in some other manifestation that may even feel stronger.

Ground Yourself- We live in a very overstimulating culture. For those of us that are caring, sensitive and energetically connected, this stimulation can make us feel anxious, spacey, tiered and nervous among other things. Taking some time each day to pull yourself back in and connect back into the earth really helps us feel more stability and clarity in our lives. We do this through visualization, yoga practice, grounding meditations and the use of crystals.

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What services do you offer?

Pure essentials is a skincare and essential oil company. Our line has been created by us, spiritual and health practitioners, who originally set out to create a health coaching company. The universe had other plans and lead us to develop and extensive line of clean and trusted products. We have a Face Care Line, A Pregnancy And Baby Line, A Body Care Line, A Yoga Line, A Pet Line, A Summer Line, Natural Deodorants, Essential Oil Blends, Rollers & Sprays and Pure Essential Oils. Rachel is also a Reiki practitioner and is on her way to becoming a certified aromatherapist. Jayleen is a certified health coach who also teaches preschool yoga and private yoga therapy.

Which of these services would you recommend someone dealing with a high stress job or situation?

Our top sellers to help with stress are our Essential Oil Infused Salt Soaks, Our Hippie and Grounding Spray, Our Unwind Diffuser Blend and Our Root Down Yoga And Muscle Balm to help with tension headaches.

What do you hope people feel and experience your services and products?

We want people to feel like they have made a connection with us as people, and for that to also translate into our line. We want to inspire people to live to their full potential and by taking care of their bodies with luxury products. 

Whats your website address and social media handles so everyone can find you?

facebook: Pure Essentials Yeg

Instagram: @pureessentialsyeg

Twitter: @yegessentials

Check out their website at

Robindra Mohar