GOING DEEP: 5 Powerful Questions with Mandy Trapp founder of Lifestyle Meditation


Mandy Trapp worked in the health and wellness industry for 15 years before launching her own meditation company in 2012. Lifestyle Meditation was founded as an education-based, socially conscious company that believes in making stress management and spiritual growth easy and accessible for everyone. https://lifestylemeditation.com

'At Lifestyle Meditation our vision is to see the practice of meditation as a mainstream and well utilized tool, supporting society’s overall well being and connectivity.' 


Who are you, when you are the most at peace, fulfilled, and joyful ... What does she feel like, and how does she show up in the world? And what's your best practices for getting to this space?

I truly feel most alive and fulfilled when I am teaching. Every time I start to share, whether with one person or one thousand, it's as though a channel opens up and I feel so divinely connected that it's as though my heart could burst from joy! It took me many years to get to this space but I feel the tipping point was when I realized that I needed to let go of whether other people agreed or not with what I was sharing, or even accepted me for how I show up. The day I stopped caring so much was the day that I was free and could truly live and teach from the heart. 

What does connection mean to you, and how do you practice it?

Withdrawing into silence and reconnecting spiritually, is really easy for me and I experience this form of connection in meditation every day. But the real, juicy connections come through "random" conversations with new friends or even strangers when we both have that a-ha moment where we realize that we are way more alike that different. This has been a very conscious practice of mine- to put myself out there and move beyond the basic "who are you and what do you do?" Questions, and instead open with "who are you and what brings you joy?" I've met some really interesting and incredible people this way. 

Share with us your journey within the health and wellness field of work, and how it all led to the creation of Lifestyle Meditation.  

I began in the health and wellness industry as a Personal Trainer almost 20 years ago. As a competitive athlete growing up, it was a natural move. And though I also pursued yoga, Pilates, and holistic health, my secret passion has always been in the "unseen" side of wellness. My formal meditation practice began over 15 years ago with Marcia Lee (she introduced me to Deepak Chopra), and I quickly began studying in California at the Chopra Centre with Deepak and many other incredible teachers. I am a Chopra certified Vedic Master Educator and yet what I feel gives me the greatest context for teaching is that I am the mom of 3 and wife of a busy entrepreneur. Meditation for me has always been as important as brushing my teeth and 5 years ago I felt that I needed to rise up and share that message with others. I realized that there were a lot of great trainers and yoga teachers around but not many teaching meditation in an accessible way for those navigating multiple sources of stress. So, I left PT and Yoga and decided to go for it! We currently have over 600 Lifestyle Meditation certified teachers in our community and I'm blessed to say that we were the first mainstream meditation studio in Canada!

You are passionate about spreading the healing and uplifting benefits of meditation. For someone who has never tried it what are your top 3 'tips'?

1. Release any expectations

2.  If all that you did was sit and notice that you have thoughts, that's enough. The fact that you can witness  your thoughts is a powerful teacher: you are not your thoughts, but rather the one who has the thought.

3. Give your mind something to do: chant a mantra, watch your breath, or even focus on your left big toe. The mind will always try to distract you, so you may as well take the wheel and provide the distraction first. 

What are you most looking forward to at Bloom 2017? What is an intention you want to plant now and see blossom through the experience of the festival?

Last year we opened our new studio the day after Bloom ended. There has been so much growth over the year that we are super excited to share who we've become as a company and how we can truly serve our community and beyond.  We look forward to making new friends and watching how this year's magic unfolds.

Mandy's offerings at Bloom 2017 : 

Monday, October 2nd : Creative Entrepreneur Meets Meditation Workshop with Mandy Trapp and Robindra Mohar

This pre-festival workshop is open for Bloom Festival Early Birds and VIP"s. If you would like to attend this session and you don't have a VIP or Early Bird Pass, head over to our ticketing page on our website www.itstimetobloom.com to purchase an add on a pass for this evening. 

Friday, October 6th : Journey - A Guided Visualization

A guided visualization that will redirect your mind and your body towards greater experiences of happiness, peace and freedom.

Saturday, October 7th : Practical Magic - Brunch & Learn

Join Mandy Trapp, founder of Lifestyle Meditation for an exciting Brunch & Learn Session. Since brunch is being served in this session, you will require an 'add on pass' for this session which you can purchase on our website. www.itstimetobloom.com under tickets.

Saturday, October 7th : Eye of The Storm - A Meditation Journey with Mandy Trapp and Garth Stevenson

Join Garth Stevenson for a meditation with Mandy Trapp while Garth play's music from his latest album Voyage. 

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Written by: Molly Schikosky
Photography by: Des Iles


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