Danielle Laporte dishes on happiness, women's empowerment and good health

We got a chance to catch up with BLOOM Festival 2017 headliner Danielle Laporte about happiness, empowerment health and much more. Danielle is speaking at BLOOM on Saturday October 7th at Shaw Conference Centre Hall D in Edmonton Alberta. If you are not in Edmonton but would love to livestream the event we have opened up an option for that as well.  Learn more here.

Danielle Laporte in Edmonton

What advice would you give your younger self?

Algebra will definitely NOT be useful. Learn how to save money. Kindness is always always the right thing to do — never doubt your loving nature. Also the only regrets you will ever have are the times that you don’t speak up. Use your voice, always, everywhere.

danielle laporte bloom festival

What does being your happiest and healthiest self mean to you?

Creative freedom is everything to me. Showing up in the world to speak my truth, with love. Feeling light…light and flexible in my body, light in my thinking — no mental fog, lot’s of flowing ideas. And snuggling. There's a lot of quality snuggling in my life.

Through your social media channels, how do you empower women to love and appreciate themselves?

My business exists for one reason: to broadcast light. Everything we put out there is based on my own lived experience, with the intention of inspiring people to find their own truth, be their own guide, and be of service to the world. I keep it very real, and I never stray from the intention to be of service.

What advice do you have for women who are struggling staying committed to a healthy lifestyle?

You've got to really want it. It's all about the desire. Do you want to be fulfilled, or do you want to feel empty? Do you want to feel at home in your body, or at war with your body? Self-love and self respect are the foundation of your wellness — it all comes from there.

Choose yourself. Choose to move into your fullness instead of staying in your halfness. It’s work, but it’s always worth it. Always.

What is your name, social media handles and mission through your channels?

Danielle LaPorte (DanielleLaPorte.com)

Social Media Handles:

Facebook: Danielle.LaPorte.Inc

Instagram: @DanielleLaPorte

Twitter: @DanielleLaPorte

Website: www.DanielleLaPorte.com


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