Hello Bloomer's, MC YOGI is joining us at BLOOM 2017 and we couldn't be more excited. We have 3 speakers/performers this year that have all released new books in 2017 including MC YOGI, DANIELLE LAPORTE and GURU JAGAT. It's going to be an incredible experience. We hope you will join us!

About the book

MC YOGI, the hip hop artist and one of the top yoga teachers in North America, offers wisdom and inspiration for spiritual seekers in this enlightening memoir which recounts his journey from living in a group home for at-risk youth to becoming yoga’s modern day ambassador to the West.

After failing public school and being expelled from several continuation schools, MC YOGI landed in a group home for at-risk youth—a fascinating and dangerous world filled with drugs, graffiti, and troubled kids. But at eighteen his life dramatically changed. After graduating from that program, he was introduced to yoga. When his feet landed on the mat that first time, MC describes it as a "coming-home experience."

Deeply moved by this powerful occurrence, he devoted himself to learning everything he could about the ancient discipline. Ultimately, yoga would revolutionize his life, putting him on the path to becoming a successful hip-hop musician and inspirational yogi to thousands of people.

Spiritual Graffiti is his dramatic story—a moving and inspiring chronicle of a troubled teen who would become a headlining yoga star, layered throughout with wisdom, and told in MC YOGI’s signature style. A blend of Rumi, Noah Levine, Gabby Bernstein, and Rob Bell, this is a hopeful, moving, and uplifting story of the remarkable power for transformation within us all.

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Robindra Mohar