White Hot Truth - Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path with Danielle Laporte

Fire walks and juice cleanses. Weekend retreats with egomaniac mystics.

Miracle healings, shady Lightworkers, and therapists on speed dial. Some questionable tantra teachers. Tea with the Dalai Lama. The saving grace of good girlfriends, and a spiritual devotion to that is anything but puritanical…

With self-help adventures gone wrong and breakthroughs that made it all right, Oprah SuperSoul 100 member Danielle LaPorte cheerleads us, Soul Seekers, to tap our own wisdom by having a good laugh, and maybe a good cry, at all the ways we’ve been trying to improve on our self-improvement. “Our fulfillment stems from our motives.” Danielle offers a radical consideration for almost every goal-setter and devotee.

“It’s not how we seek spiritual growth; it’s why we seek it.” We’re doing so many good things to develop ourselves—but maybe we’re trying to get better for unhealthy reasons. White Hot Truth is right on time for those of us who came of age in the New Age, or are about to, helping us see when we’re bypassing our feelings, or falling for well-branded dogma. This is a provocative call to be as discerning as we are Loving, and to finally realize that the best self-help is self-compassion.

We are over the moon excited to have Danielle Laporte join us at BLOOM 2017 to share a talk about White Hot Truth. White Hot Truth releases May 16th. Get your copy on Amazon or directly from Danielle on her website. 


Robindra Mohar