Bloom in happiness

Hey there, fellow bloomers, 

We are so excited that so many of you have already decided to take the Bloom Festival 2017 journey with us and we wanted to thank you for your support! It truly means the world to us and just know that we jump for joy everytime one of you commit to BLOOM with us!  We see you and we appreciate YOU!

This year at the festival, we want to push you, pull you, and actually challenge you because that’s the only way we actually grow in this life. We will do this with 40+ workshops and experiences at the festival and a pre-festival challenge. 

Pre-Festival Alignment Challenge in September We are going to be hosting a free 30 day Alignment challenge starting in September. We spoke about the power of alignment and being in harmonious flow with your world around you at our Full Moon In Bloom experience at Lifestyle Meditation last weekend. We will dive deep into this with a free webinar with Myrah & Robindra. We believe this will be the perfect way to set you up to be ready for a truly transformational experience at the festival that is happening October 5-8th.

Bonus: For all of our pass holders we are working on doing a live video call with MC YOGI and Amanda Giacomini in the next few weeks to talk with them about their morning rituals, how they get into their creative modes, MC Yogi will be sharing a little bit about his new book and we will just have a fun chat with them live. Stay tuned for this free experience coming soon!

BLOOM in happiness - inspired by the work of LAURA DELIZONNA who has researched The Science of Happiness. Check out her online course on happiness here. 

The US Surgeon General Vivek Murphy recently shared that there is one factor in life that can decrease your chance of stroke, decrease your chance of a heart attack, and increase your likelyhood that you will live longer, it can also increase your chance of promotion and productivity.

Can you guess what it is?  HAPPINESS.

Research shows us that happiness creates success, that it causes improvement in health, positivity and improvement in performance. 

It's summertime and in Edmonton it's short and sweet, so many of us are really looking to soak it all in. If you are like us, you are into designing a life in alignment to happiness.  

Here are 3 habits that we work with to align to happiness in our lives.

1. Take in the Good: This is a lifelong journey and making a habit out of taking in the good will lead you to the experience of happiness more often than not. 

Try adding this question to your diary.  

What three things went well today?

What was my role in creating these positive experiences?

By writing this down daily over 30-40 days you will start to feel your attention shift to the good, once you bring the practise of writing it down,  your mind tends to attract and be with a more positive vibe. 

Give it a try, and let us know how it goes!

2. Connect: The top 10% happiest people in the world have one thing in common, they report to have close satisfying relationships. Having a sense of connection, companionship and trust is at the heart of happiness. 

So how do we cultivate connection?  Simply express appreciation. We love to be appreciated, we love to be seen and recognized, and it feels so good and so enriching and so intimate even when people see that and share that. There is research on appreciation that small gestures of appreciation can have a big impact. 

3. Show up:  Showing up, just takes a moment. Your body is here, but where is your mind? Research is showing that its about 47% of the time we are not present. Being busy is so epidemic. Not showing up is becoming 'normal', not being present decreases our happiness.  The wandering mind is a unhappy mind. 

The more that we can show up to be present in the moments of our lives, the better chance we have to engage with what's really here, with the relationships and with conversations to create deeper connections and relationships. (that yes, lead to more happiness).

We say choose to show up, drop the multi tasking, and be here now. If you think about the most wonderful moments of your life the one thing that is common in each and every one of those moments was that you were totally present. You showed up. You were not worried about the past or future. 

The most wonderful moments of your life happen when you show up. 

Speaking of showing up, are you going to join us for 4 days of community, connection, education and celebration? Bloom in happiness with us. 


Robindra Mohar