Edmonton Summer is here, and here are 10 ways to win this July


Hi Bloomers, we wanted to share a few things that are happening in Edmonton this July. We are sticking around and we are super excited to take it all in. 

1. Whyte Avenue Art Walk - Happening this weekend! July 7-9th

2. Edmonton International Street Performers Festival  July 7-16th

3. Taste of Edmonton July 20-29th

4. Interstellar Rodeo July 21-23rd

5. K-Days July 21-30th. 

6. Heritage Festival August 5-7th (it's in August, but we are so excited to be there this year!!)

7. Long Lake Provincial Park Beach: With both a campground beach and a beach for day use, this park has a lot to offer. They both have clear, warm water, so little ones (or parents) with cold feet need not worry. 

8. Sylvan Lake Provincial Park Beach. Known for its clear, shallow waters, Sylvan Lake Provincial Park Beach is the perfect spot to get away from the city.

9. Ma-Me-O Beach on Pigeon Lake: This beach is perfect for Edmontonians who want to go on a day trip, but don’t want to drive for hours. Just over one hour south-west of Edmonton is Ma-Me-O Beach, a summer village home to white sand shores.

10. Head to the mountains!  We love heading to Canmore and Banff to spend a weekend. One of our favorite things to do is pick up fresh spring water. Here is a link to the map where you can get it. Fill up  your car with some empty bottles and pick up your water.


Robindra Mohar