7 Simple Instructions to give yourself, to always BLOOM in good health

Hey everyone, Robindra here. I wanted to share some insights that I picked up from a florist in town just the other day.

I believe that what is showing up in your life is exactly the medicine you need to right now to move through your life in an inspired way. I was recently at a flower shop and overheard the conversation the flower shop owner was giving to one of her customers about how make sure your Tiger Lily's Bloom. She said 3 simple things will make sure your flowers always bloom. 

1. Replace the water every 2 days with cold water. 

2. Cut the bottom of the flowers every 2 days. 

3. Keep them out of direct sunlight and enjoy!

I followed this exact instruction and to my surprise these flowers, every single bud bloomed and is still looking fresh and alive 2 weeks later.

This really had me thinking about what instructions could we give ourselves that would ensure that we BLOOM?  

1. Get good sleep. New science shows that sleep is essential to our mental and physical health — and most of us aren’t getting enough. Anyone who’s ever pulled an all-nighter to meet a deadline or study for a test knows the day-after results aren’t pretty: The body feels sluggish, the mind fogged or frenetic. Recent research shows that a chronic lack of sleep is far more damaging than previously assumed by many experts. Sleep deficits as small as an hour a night can increase the risk of a wide range of conditions. Why? Because when we don’t get enough sleep, our immune systems go into overdrive, which causes systemic inflammation and turns on dangerous genetic switches.

2. Drink lots of water.  Did you know that we are epidemically dehyraded? What happens to a flower that doesn't get the appro

A recent Harvard study shows 25% of children said they didn’t drink any water in a day, choosing sports drink, soda and juice instead. While that is concerning, it’s even scarier to see that 75% of American adults are in a chronic state of dehydration. Often, many people think dehydration comes from extreme heat or physical exertion but that is inaccurate. It happens when we don’t hydrate our bodies sufficiently for daily living. Most people aren’t even aware they are dehydrated. Water is vital to our overall health and longevity but most Americans don’t consume enough.

Water is essential to every single process within our bodies. Our brain is 78% water. Water carries vital oxygen to our brains. Our muscles are 75% water. Your blood, responsible for transporting nutrients throughout your body is 82% water. Your lungs, that take oxygen from the air to provide your body with oxygen, are 90% water. Even your bones are 25% water. Water serves as a lubricant, a base for saliva and fluids surrounding the joints. Additionally, it regulates the body temperature, eliminates waste and regulates metabolism. Dehydration causes muscle weakness, poor mental performance, headaches, sluggishness and more. Americans tend to consume many beverages throughout the day but not nearly enough water. Most Americans consume more dehydrating than hydrating beverages. Dehydrating liquids include soda, coffee, tea and alcohol. These dehydrating liquids counteract hydrating liquids. This means that we need to compensate for each dehydrating beverage we consume. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen in the majority of people.

3. Move your body.

Everything in the universe moves. Even the most laidback tree is made of atoms that are vibrating and spinning faster than your eyes can see. They move within and without the earth. They help to shape their environment, and, amazingly, their environment helps to shape them.

It might surprise you to know just how much like a tree you really are. You are, indeed, and mover and shaker within your environment, but your environment helps to move you too.

Through nature we learn that the moon moves the oceans tides, the oceans tides move energy to the lands and we feel it during the full and new moon. Just ask anyone working at a hospital how they feel about full moons and you will know that movement has impact. 

Nature teaches rhythmic movement with its cycles, moon, eclipses and equinox's all have an energy to them that moves our lives forward. 

Movement creates rhythm in the body and mind and once you are in that flow, life moves, projects move, business moves and we feel good! We BLOOM in movement!

4. Eat right. This means something different to each and every body, we all need a very specific nutrition for our ages, do your homework. Eat to BLOOM!

5. Commit to live a life in pursuit of heart connection.  

Heart connection, spiritual connection whatever you want to call it, if you are in the pursuit of heart connection, heart knowledge i.e knowing what excites your soul, you will BLOOM. 

6. Schedule FLOW into your day, every day. Truly, do something you absolutely love everyday and you will BLOOM.

7. Let go and allow life to create itself. Julie Piatt sums it up perfectly here.

If you had the courage to really go inside your own heart and really dig deep, and that's meditation, self reflective practise, eating right, committing to a pursuit spiritual connection, you will find that your life will paint a mandala much more beautiful than your human self could ever imagine. - Juile Piatt.

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