Hello Edmonton, Meet Danielle Murray

We have been following your adventures, and you have recently moved to Edmonton, can you share what love the most about being in a 'new city' and in Edmonton?

I think what I love most about being in this new city is really starting to connect with the YEG wellness community regularly and directly. I have so enjoyed actual face time with so many friends that I was rarely able to see. Going to fellow teachers classes, participating in Run Collective & November Project have been great this summer!

My family and I have really also been enjoying some home time.  We were spending a lot of time on the road, so it's been such a blessing to be in one place united.

What are you most excited about right now? 

Right now I am excited by possibility.  Finally being grounded and setting down roots, I am taking time to explore the many possibilities and opportunities mindfully. I am keeping my eyes wide open and choosing carefully to only do what speaks to me.  This method of approaching life really excites me! In the past I had the tendency to say YES to everything. What I found is that left me overwhelmed and drained, those Yes answers also meant no to some things I really value. Self-care, family, study, service, adventure I am so excited to explore the possibilities of what that means in this new phase of life now.

Describe yourself in 4 words.





As a busy mother of 2 beautiful girls, entrepreneur and teacher, how do you balance the hustle of getting things done and taking care of yourself?

This one is tough. Truly it's a constant balancing act.  My practice, health and wellness are a must for me. However as any parent will tell you, absolutely the needs of my children more often than not come first. I can not be a partner and mother if I am also not taking care and drained, I would have nothing left to give.  Finding balance between work, wellness, and family is something that is always fluctuating or evolving. For me is about consistently checking in, aligning with my highest intentions, prioritizing action based upon what I discover. 

Chai or Coffee?

Easy, COFFEE. Preferably an Americano from District Coffee Co. Downtown YEG

What advice do you have for attendees to get the most of their Bloom Festival experience?

Try a variety of classes. Try something you have never done before. Try something that makes you uncomfortable. Try to discover what speaks to you. Try just taking it in for a moment. Just Try.

Is yoga for everybody?

Yes, but not in the way most people think. To me yoga can be anything. Painting a picture, going for a run, cooking, listening to the rain fall, or a beautiful piece of music. Yoga can also be a warrior pose, vinyasa, a supported restorative posture, or simple observation of breath. 

What do all those things have in common? Being engaged in the moment to moment experience.  The first Yoga Sutra is translated to say In the present moment is the teaching of yoga.  We all take different paths to engaging with our experience of the moment.  The key is to find yours. Yoga is for EVERYBODY.

What is the most played song on your iTunes?

Temple- Baauer feat MIA

What’s one quirky thing that most people don’t know about you who take your regular yoga classes?

I love junk food! Chips, chocolate, candy anything deep fried or decadent. I also love healthy food, but I eat chocolate EVERYDAY, and always will. Guilt Free.

Why do you love teaching yoga?

Truly to help people discover that they greatest teacher they will ever meet resides within their own heart.  


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