Glow Juicery Founder Marnie shares about her passion for wellness, entrepreneurship and her Bloom Festival experience

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How did Glow Juicery come to be? Where did your passion for wellness begin? 

Glow Juicery came from a personal passion for family health coupled with a desire to bringing a naturally healing product to market for those in a critical care situation who need access to Juice as part of their treatment. I was raised in a family that truly believed the food is medicine, and food is fuel, and those became the pillars of my company.

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You launched Glow at Bloom … can you tell us about that experience? How has Bloom positively impacted Glow?

It was such an exciting opportunity to be able to launch our company in a community whose awareness and vision was so similar to our own. I was absolutely blown away by the positive reception to our products...we sold out in a very short period of time, all the while connecting to the most incredible local entrepreneurs and visionary thought leaders. Truly an unforgettable experience. 

The relationships we made as a result of Bloom have been truly impactful in our business, and our subsequent years of participation have been equally fulfilling...having our dreams & company grow alongside that of the Bloom Founders & other local businesses is a really rewarding experience.

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In your eyes, how does Bloom uplift the Edmonton (+ beyond) community? What do you think is uniquely and special about it?

Bloom brings together the parts of our community that are thoughtful, creative and empowering. It creates the sacred space needed for synergies to flow and for vendors & attendees to create amazing new possibilities for themselves and others. Its on a level that cannot be understand until you experience it for yourself. Its uniqueness comes from its very inception, in the amazing presenters and musicians, and in the beauty of connecting our incredible community through movement, breathe, music and conscious thought. Its a very powerful experience.

What is a piece of advice you would give to new entrepreneurs … something you wish someone would have shared with you when you first started? 

I have a piece of advice that actually was shared with me when I first began my entrepreneurial journey, but which didn't have meaning to me until very recently. In one of my first Bloom meetings with Robindra he reminded me to never lose my passion, and to always stay creative. I have come to understand just how important this is in the growth and success of my company, and I now protect it carefully and compassionately.

We love your company values, and how they transcend into all you do. Can you share them with our readers?

Thank you! Our company values are focused on wellness and sustainability, accountability, transparency, truthfulness and kindness. Being a good company is like being a good human ~ we just try to live in our company values and treat our communities the way we think a good person would.

Author:  Molly Schikosky

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