Geha Gonthier shares about Living with Intention, Wellness and her Journey to Edmonton

Surviving her first cardiac arrest at 7 years of age, the doctors did not hold much hope for Geha. Through Europe’s integrated medical care, Geha met a doctor that advised her to come off western drugs and use diet and herbs to manage her chronic condition. Over time her condition improved dramatically and inspired Geha to make holistic medicine her life’s journey. She is the president of Wellness on Whyte and an acupuncturist. Geha will be leading several talks and experiences at Bloom Festival 2017 including the community acupuncture experience.

At Wellness on Whyte, we create outer sanctuary to inspire connection to our inner sanctuary, encouraging wellness and healing on all levels of being. We are a synthesis of ancient Oriental healing practices and the latest in European holistic research and technology.

What are 5 words to describe yourself?

Adaptable, intuitive, creative, compassionate, spontaneous

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What was your journey to calling Edmonton home?

I grew up in Austria. After completing University in Vienna, I moved to the USA and lived in many beautiful and exciting places: New York, Los Angeles, Big Sur, Oregon.  Maui was my last stop before Edmonton and it was my sweetest comfort zone, my paradise. After my first visit to Edmonton, a small inner voice told me that I had to move here. I tried to resist, going back and forth between Maui and Edmonton. It was a very difficult decision to make and it took more than three years. Thirteen years ago I received my landing papers, and it has been an amazing, challenging, and rewarding journey. I am so glad I listened.

Where did your passion for wellness begin?

In early childhood. When I was 3 years old I already had the grand vision to make the world a better place, and left home to ‘live with god’.

The integration of Body Mind and Sprit into Whole Body Wellness has been at the forefront of my inquiry as long as I remember.

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What does ‘living with intention’ mean to you, and how do you practice it?

The best way of living with intention is making it a habit.

Living with intention means I understand the importance of handing the reigns of life to my heart and training my thoughts to support the passion of my heart and soul.

I integrate daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rituals to explore, gain clarity and follow through with my intentions.

What are 3 simple everyday practices that anyone can do, to promote overall wellness?

 1) Move the lymph fluid– drinking lemon water, skin brushing, scalp massage

2) Move the body – exercise, yoga

3) Meditate – self reflect, gain clarity, create

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