5 ways to connect to that inner voice and find balance + digital detox

Overstressed over tired is all too common in our collective lives in work, life and family. What are we doing wrong?

We are more connected via technology but somehow not connected to ourselves.

We have become focused on whats outside of us, what is external, instead of whats in here.

5 ways to connect to that inner voice and find balance.

1. We believe that inspiration is the gateway to empowerment. Do the little things that inspire you. Is it reading first thing in the morning vs checking your instagram?  Is it being in silence for 30 mins before you sleep to sip on tea, is it watching the sunset or walking your dog?  DO that.

2. Detach from the digital and get back to YOU. Take time to put yourself back into your life right now. Write in your diary, sit with your friends in real life and have real conversations, connect with you family, connect with your community in person.

3. Slow down to speed up. We so often rush into things, rush to work, rush to wake up, rush to complete things, and along the way we miss the beauty of the moment, day and ultimately ourselves.

4. Wake up 45 mins earlier than you have to, so you can sip on tea, or do 5 sun salutation a, 1 min trikonasana, 1 min backbend, 1 min shoulderstand, 4 min savasana... to clear the cobwebs and go inward and create an energy around you for the day.

5. Try a 2 minute meditation every hour. It will change your life.

We will be doing a digital detox in November, check back for the challenge, get in touch if this is something you are interested in joining with us.  yegbloom@gmail.com