Let the 40-day May Cause #MiraclesProject begin

Its Sunday October 19th and… “like any effective practice, true transfermation occurs with daily repetition.”-Gabrielle Bernstein.

Let the 40-day May Cause #MiraclesProject begin.

Week 1:

GB suggests to begin the exercises on Sunday, read the weeks introduction and begin Day One on Monday.

This week revolves around fear, change, perception, gratitude, forgiveness, excepting miracles, reflecting and recapping.

Day 1 is about the practice of witnessing. I am really excited to start the project and share my findings with you.

Instead of sharing with you all the things that i am not, i will share with you all the things that i am creating a possibility for. I am creating the possiblility of causing miraculous miracles. This project will be my tool to make that possible and I hope you are inspired to join me.

Stay tuned for Next weeks insight.