Designing sacred spaces in your home and life.

I felt compelled to write this during my last month at our current home in Edmonton. We are actually in the process of moving our belongings into storage, getting rid of as much as we think we can, sharing with our friends and local charities the abundance that is our life in hopes to lighten the load and connect to what really matters to us. As I look around my home and life I realize there are certain spaces that feel great and warm to be in and some that are simply cold, like my corner office in the home that has become more of a printer location than an actual work space. How did my meditation chair become the spot where I do more of my work than anywhere else? How did my kitchen become the place where crazy ideas get hatched and then completed somewhere in the middle of my living room on the floor.

I'm a long time yogi, entrepreneur, dj and observer of my life's behaviours, patterns and I often get the opportunity to help people through good and bad times, to new yogi's, to new entrepreneurs and anyone I can get into a conversation with, I am somehow coaching, consulting and generally collaborating with to make their life and the globe a better place to be.

We are all designers, how we choose to live is our life-style. This article is about choice, this is about our participation with reality and our jobs as the designers of every result that is occurring in our lives. If you don't like what's happening in your life its all a design issue, its not your fault or someone elses, its just a wake up call to take action and redesign whatever is working or not.

That all being said, I am very mindful of choice architecture in my home and work. What's choice architecture? Have you ever been to a supermarket and saw all those amazing things to buy right at the till? We tend to buy and participate in things that are near the front of our awareness and even better if we can touch it.

How does this all relate to designing a sacred space in your home?  I'm a huge believer in functional + intentional design of each room. What is the purpose of this room, what will I be doing here and most importantly how do I want to feel in this room? What don't I want to be doing in this room? i.e having my computer in my bed for example, or my phone in the kitchen. You can't cook and multi-task it just takes the love out of the food!!

So when designing your bedroom, look at your choice architecture, if you want to create a sacred space in your room, do you really want to use your phone as your alarm clock? Can you use this space to completely disconnect and recharge?

Top things to do when designing sacred space in your bedroom.

1. Declutter Declutter

2. Remove as much technology as possible.

3. Clean it everyday, before your sleep or right when you wake up. This is sacred space.

4. Keep it simple. Your bedroom isn't the place to be stimulated, its a place to rejuvenate and be sensual with your attention. Bring it home.

Top things to do when designing your life!

1. Realize that all of the results in your life are there because YOU designed it to be there. Take responsibility for it and then take action towards redesigning it to meet your desires.

2. Keep things simple. No grey area.

3. Meet with a group of like minded individuals monthly to think up new ideas, share your opportunities and support each other. #togetherwebloom