5 Steps to break out of that OMG its Winter Funk.

Surprise, its wintertime! It happens every year and every year we are all a bit shocked it the weather drops. This year we got a few extra days past halloween before the snow came. It calls for a rapid change of lifestyle and quick preparing for the months to come which include changing your car's summer tires, getting warm socks and planning to leave a bit earlier than usual to get to work, yoga and appointments. You can no longer go a little faster to get anywhere, slow time snow time is here. A few things happen right now, like we choose to stay in more than we used to and it get's darker earlier and the sun comes up later. Our days become shorter and it feels like its dark all the time! Yikes!!  Some people get hit with seasonal affectiveness disorder, some get stagnant, some feel emotional and some people just love it and keep going.

5 ways to break out of that OMG its Winter Funk.

1. Stop drop and cuddle. If you have a partner, cat, dog, mother, father, son, its always fun to cuddle and talk and warm up together. Its better together!!

2. Turn up the heat! Put on some warm clothes, layer up, turn up the heat, get warm. Part of the funk can simply be that you are cold, your house might be cooler which could put your balance out of whack. One of the fastest ways back to joy time is simply looking at your body state, are you feeling balanced or is there something in the way that you need to clear out to feel balanced. Turn up the heat and get to it!

3. Dance like no one is watching!! No matter how you feel, good, bad or ugly, just turn up the tunes in the living room and have a 5 minute dance party, let it all out and have a living room or bedroom dance party, shake your body in ways that you don't normally dance, get the blood flowing, change your physical state and within minutes you will have energy to get back to having a super creative day.

4. Take a miracle break. Take a moment to stop and witness all the miracles surrounding you right now. The energy of gratitude and the openness of that heart that happens when you consider the miracles of your life is powerful and magnetic, don't be shocked if the person you were thinking about calls you or if that idea you really wanted to launch presents itself to you. Be in awe. Be childlike.

5. Go back to the basics.  Don't make this a complicated thing, yes its winter, yes its here. You choose how you get to experience it, how to relate to it, so create a new possibility for yourself. Declare, I am the possibility of... JOY today. Then get back to the basics, put on a warm kettle, make some tea, sit down sip the tea and just be, take time to be with yourself, you don't always have to be taking action, sometimes its the slowing down that speeds things up for whatever it is you are looking to make happen.

Do you have any additions to this? Send us your recommendations to yegbloom@gmail.com we would love to hear from you.


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