Discovering your dharma through travel...

myrah and robindra
myrah and robindra

We have all seen the process of discovering your dharma in the movie Eat, Pray, Love.. It's something so many people, especially those in winter cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal experience every winter. Why am I here? What is my true calling?  Winter months slow things down around here and add a contemplative component to our days, especially those sundays!

(photo by Katya Nova Photography)

About Travelling and Dharma

Travelling is an opportunity to live as you want to, an opportunity to experiment with new ways of being and thinking.

Its a clean start.

You leave behind those know you, you leave behind your day to day habitual patterns and those that expect the patterns to continue. It's a chance to begin, anew, to be reborn.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your travels.

myrah and robindra
myrah and robindra

(photo by Katya Nova Photography)

1. Be Brave, allow this time to be a time for you to stretch beyond your normal ways of being. Once an elastic band is stretched it doesn't go back to it's original shape.

2. Consciously design and experiment with new rituals.

Not a morning person? Try being one for a few days.

Don't cook? begin cooking.

Don't run? try running.

Don't write, begin writing..

Whatever it is that you feel your soul resonating with, repeat, repeat, repeat then..

Document your musings.

Channel your inner sherlock homes to listen for what your heart is truly calling.

What are you naturally drawn to?

What are you giddy about?

What gets you excited?

How do you want to be? then be it.

#yoginotes from a yogi currently travelling.

xo Robindra