Bloom Meditation inspiration day 4 - ask for guidance

Ask for guidance.

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meditation yoga edmonton

Whisper the questions your heart is asking of you right now before your meditation, out loud.

1. Close your eyes, tune into your body. Notice your buttocks on the ground. Feel your belly rising and falling with each breath. Notice when your mind wanders away to think about lunch, work, or your to-do list and bring it back to this room, anchor your attention in your body, to the feeling in your body, your belly rising and falling with each breath. Bonus points if you hold hands, it amplifies everything. When you ask for guidance and support, amazing things can happen, you might just receive the answer.

2. Make sure to listen for the response and when you get a response, check it out with friends, mentors and with yourself.

3. Investigate Deliberately. Next, once you begin to get clarity, wait to act on it until you have slowed down enough to investigate deliberately and relentlessly. Arjuna, the quintessential man of action, spends the entire Gita on his butt.

4. Move Forward methodically. Begin to take action in support of your choice. Taking action at this point is critical to bringing your idea to life. Learn to fell your way along.

5. Last but not least, let go of the outcome. Let of of any clinging to how this all comes out, you cannot measure your actions at this point by the conventional wisdom of success and failure.