FULL MOON in Virgo March 5th~

Grandmother Moon peaks into her fullness on March 5th 2015 bringing with her a heightening of our emotional realms. We are amidst great times of transformation which are heralding major new beginnings. Change isn’t always easy or comfortable and it’s constant, so we must strive to keep our balance during these changing tides.

With the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, let’s call forth a feminine softening to help us flow, grace to help us be more compassionate with ourselves and others, and healing as we gently move into our wholeness.

“In the Full Moon chart the Moon makes many aspects- keeping theemotional energy running high this week. The Moon conjoins the fierce Dark Feminine mean Black Moon Lilith- bringing in some deep emotions to traverse, perhaps even stuff around rage, anger and feeling oppressed.

“The Moon triggers the Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunction and trines Pluto- bringing us into direct contact with the Uranus/Pluto Square. The wake up/shake up crew are taking us through breakdowns in our lives so that we move into breakthroughs.

Source: Mystic Mamma