The power of mantra's... Dreaming in sanskrit tour

Everything has a particular vibratory frequency. Every thought, every word and every emotion. How we feel, think and speak defines our particular vibration. And we create our world based upon that vibration. Sound is an incredibly powerful vibration. “Man” means mind, “tra” means wave or projections or tool. Therefore mantra is the projection of the mind through sound vibrations. Sound being the base of the Mantra, makes it very powerful. "When a Mantra is pronounced repeatedly, like a dynamo the Sound waves are transformed into electrical energy or vibrations & if coupled with deep emotions, becomes more powerful.

Learn about mantra's and how you can incorporate them into your daily practise and sing along with Marti Nikko and Dj Drez at the Dreaming In Sanskrit Tour coming to Western Canada this April!

We will be exploring several very powerful mantra's during this workshop tour. Stay tuned for tour date announcements.

The tour will be in art galleries, yoga studios and other amazing locations we can't wait to share more.