How to make real vitamin water...

Are you ready to drop buying those sugar heavy, plastic bottle vitamin water at the stores? We not only have no idea what is going into those "vitamins" but we are also absobing the BPA toxins from the plastic of the bottle. Of all the things in the world to drink, lets make a pact today to to stop drinking processed water.

"Most plastics, including water bottle plastics, contain Bisphenol A, BPA, BPA is highly damaging to your cells. Even small amounts of BPA's cause damage to an entire cell.

BPA EXPOSURE = Damaged Mitochondria. " ~Excerpt from Jackie Warner's new book "This is why you are sick and tired" 

So why not take a few minutes to set yourself up for success with a new morning ritual.


Here is what you will need. 

1. 3 Large Mason Jars with a lid to cover

2. Blackberries, Ginger, Lime, Cucumber, Lemon, Rasberry, Strawberry, Mint.

Here's what you do.

For Real Vitamin Blackberry water:

Drop a handfull of blackberries in the water, then crush another handfull of blackberries in a bowl and drop it all into your mason jar.

Add cut up pieces of ginger.

Add cup up pieces of lime.

Add a handful of small cut up limes squeezed.

Add water and you have an incredibly hydrating and nourishing water.

 For Anti aging water:

Thin slices of cucumber. Cucumber has loads of silica and is much easier to absorb for the body. Super hydrating and silica is the anti-aging element of this recipe.

Add lemon

Add lime

Add water.

For Antioxidant Vitamin water:

Berries generally are great antioxidants, they also have vitamins C and complex B's in there so they are amazing.

Add a handful of raspberries

Add another handful of crushed raspberries

Add strawberries

Add mint (mint is great for clarity and getting more O2 into your system)

Add water.


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