Life is one big ART Project + 5 steps to take today to start expressing yourself

It's awe inspiring. When you fall into the moment, life really does become one big art project.. IMG_5820

We are all the artists and by choosing how we live, we paint onto this blank canvas we are given daily. We are all designers, how we choose to live is our LIFE STYLE. Repeated over days, months and years it becomes your legacy.

We wake up and there is no-thing, then moments after.. thru our thoughts, actions, inspirations and impressions we paint.

Know that today you can turn your entire life around. Today, it's all yours.

Let go of your need to fit in, let being totally in the moment kiss you with inspiration.

Give presence to yourself, to your friends, to this moment and let mystery dissolve into discovery.

5 steps to take today to start expressing yourself!

1) Choose to live from you heart from the second you wake up. The very first thing you do when you wake up is be grateful for being alive, be in awe of life, then take a deep conscious breath and marvel in the beauty of life.

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 12.24.32 PM

2) Celebrate everything. Right when you wake up, in your minds eye visualize everything you are grateful for, the people, your family, friends, projects, countries, oceans, mountains, all of it. Full yourself up with the LIGHT of LIFE.

3) Create a PLAYLIST that includes inspirational songs that immediately put you in a creative mode to create. Here are a few of our fav tracks...

Sam Smith - Stay with Me - Piano Version by Benny Martin

Gabrielle - Dreams

Tracy Chapman - Talking about a Revolution

Garth Stevenson - Flying

4) Start a diary let go and let your soul speak, at first, there will be loads of giberish, but over time your inner self will start to shine through. Don't worry about perfection, its a practise, just like yoga, everytime you do it, you become more YOU. Don't judge it. Just let it flow. Make a habit of it, write before you goto sleep or right when you wake up, then maybe once a month and go thru it and highlight the gold, and use it, apply it, become IT, become YOU.

Screen Shot 2012-02-29 at 10.32.55 PM

5) Publish 1 art project every month. It could be your writing, it could be your playlist, something that is not work related, something that expresses yourself, maybe its you playing your guitar and learning 1 new song a month, or completing one drawing in your notepad. DO it. Get out of your head, get into your body, get into your art. You have something to express. Don't let the song die in you. Bring it to life.

Thanks for listening, stay tuned for more musings as we get closer and closer to BLOOM 2015, October 2-4th in Edmonton, AB.

Robindra & Myrah