Behind the scenes.. BLOOM 2015 updates

Its been a while since we updated everyone on our latest for the upcoming BLOOM 2015. This will be our 3rd annual festival and its been quite a journey to get us here. We just completed a 10 day 8 city tour called Dreaming In Sanskrit with Marti Nikko and DJ Drez which was an incredible whirlwind of experiences. We got to meet yoga communities in most of western canada and we realize that we really love connecting large communities of people together.

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Who is coming??

We have been working on it since the last BLOOM ended, there have been many ups and downs along the way. Its incredible how much time it takes to bring together the type of talent we want to attract to Edmonton to share their gifts. We will have a major transformative speaker coming who we will introduce within the next few weeks, a major musician and teacher, many yogi's from western canada and around the world and much more.

Just a sneak peak for this year..

Back by popular demand is Reno Muenz from Vancouver. Who recently opened up his new studio Dharma Yoga Vancouver we were recently there and we were so inspired and moved by the incredible community he has built there.

Taylor Eyewalker will also be back sharing her incredibly designed kundalini workshops.

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Ashley Albrand

Ashley is an instructor from LA who has one of the most incredible practises we have ever seen. She is an earth mamma and has so much incredible, raw, authentic lessons to share. We can't wait till you all meet her. Her instagram is @ogyogini or @infinitesourceyoga


Sheela Bringi

If you came to BLOOM last year and had a chance to experience her music you will not forget how magical an experience it is to have her in the same room as you. She will be sharing multiple workshops on her own as well as with other teachers. She's a gem and we are so excited to have her back.

Sheela Bringi

 Jackie Dumaine


We are super excited to be bringing Jackie here from Calgary who hosts a program called The Yoga Code which dives deep into the yamas and niyamas. Be ready to dive deep into the other 7 limbs of yoga outside of just the physical practise.

Stay tuned for more announcements!!!


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