Who is Lifestyle Meditation? & our top five reasons to give meditation a go..

Lifestyle Meditation is thrilled to sponsor Marti Nikko & DJ Drez for the west coast tour of Marti Nikko’s debut Album - Dreaming in Sanskrit and we look forward to meeting you and engaging with you online and on the tour! Now that you’ve seen our logo and know our name, you’re probably wondering, “Who is Lifestyle Meditation?”

Who we are

Lifestyle Meditation is the work of Mandy & John Trapp, who, along with global partners, have been growing a passionate community of teachers and meditators dedicated to creating sustainable peace within themselves, as well as across the planet!

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At Lifestyle, the focus of all our workshops and trainings is providing individuals with tools to manage stress in their busy, modern lives. We pride ourselves on making meditation accessible to everyone, from the yoga instructor looking to expand his or her offerings, to the busy, working mother, looking for a few luxurious moments of silence.  Mediation for the mainstream is our goal!

Why meditate?

Meditation has many benefits - our top five reasons to give it a go:

1.  Subdue your stress - with our busy, modern lives filled with text messages, appointments and personal commitments, it’s not surprising we’re stressed! Meditation helps you learn to approach all of these tasks with a clearer, calmer mind, reducing our flight or fight stress response in a variety of situations.

2. Better your brain – a regular meditation practice helps you access the cortical brain, which is responsible for memory, attention, thought and language. Greater mental clarity and memory is often the result!

3. Better your body – As meditation helps to reduce the number of flight or flight stress responses you experience in a day, it also reduces the negative physical side effects of stress. Through a regular practice you may experience increased immunity, increased metabolism, a lower heart rate and better digestion.

4. Improve sleep – do you often find yourself unable to sleep because your mind is racing?  Meditation can help you slow down these racing thoughts, making it easier for you to fall asleep.

5. Increase creativity - Most of us get stuck recycling old stories, habits and behaviors and have a hard time escaping! Meditation opens you to possibility and inspiration for accessing new ideas and new solutions.

What we offer

At Lifestyle, we offer several types of meditation instruction including a two-hour introductory workshop and our signature 25-hour teacher-training program:

·      Introduction to Meditation – New to meditation? Interested in giving it a try? Learn the basic science, philosophy and practice of meditation in this informative workshop.

·      Learn to Teach Meditation Teacher Training - Expand your understanding of meditation, deepen your own practice and learn to share it with others in this teacher training.

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