Introducing the Aquarian Humanology Training

In the land of certifications, accreditations, BFA, MBA, PHD, the list goes on...I began to think; are we taking time to become certain of ourselves, in this time of great change, that we can be a functional, elevated and more holistic human is the world? The gift of being incarnated as a human being is great, yet a small percentage are truly making the most of our time in this incarnation. My dream was to create a program where we could be students for our own self concept, this is Aquarian experiential wisdom! So i reached out to my two favorite ally's in the movement of conscious living, Myrah Penaloza and Robindra Mohar and we've come together to create a deeply transformational program. A program that is all about you understanding your uniqueness and learning how to live in your highest destiny.

During these four modules in 2015 together, we will create a community of lighthouses, so that we may continue to reach out and touch the people in our lives. We will become more functional human beings, on a base level, as well as uplevel our spiritual, material and emotional prosperity. I began realizing the powerful effects that kundalini yogic technology had on me the moment I began practicing. Even though in the beginning (2006), I only attended class once or twice a month, being immersed in that energy field for a few hours at a time began to have a profound effect on the way I showed up in the world. I began to learn how to process my emotions in real time, heal my relationships with others and myself, become more accountable and ultimately embody more peace and clarity in my heart and mind. This was just the tip of the iceberg, to this day the gifts are profound and mysterious. What I realize most is that all illusions are disappearing and the truth of who I am is continually getting clearer and clearer. This is the goal of "SAT NAM" the most commonly used mantra to open a space, greet someone or say goodbye by the practitioners of kundalini yoga. It means, "truth is my identity" and acts as a complete space clearer, a rinse, a puritication. My deepest wish is that you begin to understand your Sat Nam and participate in your life with absolute clarity, trust and an understanding of your unique purpose in the world as a leader in humanity.

Come one, come all, I look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Sat Nam and Infinite Wahe Guru's,

Taylor EyeWalker