3 ways to tune into your inner light

Turn to your inner light.

Today, let's choose to be more aware over being quicker.

Let's choose to be in our bodies over being in our devices.

A sensation, awareness and focus in the body through a regular yoga practise allows our attention to expand, rather than narrowly focusing on the screen or my thoughts or the way my hands hurry to write them down.

Habit vs new possibility. You choose.

We say turn to the inner light. Inner bright. Inner starlight.

We all have 2 general ways of being:

The default way.. the way that gives into habits that perhaps don't serve you, the way that you behave if you are on autopilot, the way you behave when things go wrong and you goto your fix, your way to numb yourself. It is in this world where we choose short lived gratification over doing the work necessary to experience something more of our days, lives and moments. This way is easy to live, its been handed down to us through the habits and ways of our parents, the thinking patterns of our community and surroundings, its almost natural to just follow the path that came before us, but satisfaction and the feeling of being really alive, joyful and excited starts to elude us.

The created way... it's where we consciously choose to live a certain way by our design.

It's by how we choose to live, we design.. we design our lives one choice at a time which becomes our life-style.

3 ways to tune IN, to turn inwards.

The only way to do this successfully is to slow life down so we can actually hear our inner voice. We need to slow things down so that we are not on autopilot, and we can start to make decisions based on what we truly desire vs what we think we desire. Take more time to sit, meditate and write about what is pulsing through you as inspiration. I recommend taking a few hours every week to brainstorm new ways you want to live your life. Do you want to wake up earlier to give you more time in your day? Call a friend, tell him/her and then do the challenge for 7 days. Keep coming up with more ideas for how you want to live then choose a few of those ideas and bring them to life 1 by 1. Get a coach, or mentor to support you.

Second, start cleansing your body, your home, your life. In the hatha yoga pradipika, the first step towards the goal of union or yoga is cleansing. Start by something simple, try a 14 day no sugar, or no gluten diet, then get more complex with the support from an expert. To cleanse your home, imagine that you are moving to a new place, what things would you take with you, what things would you leave behind? Take those things that you would leave behind and donate them to your local eco-center

Third, design your mornings! When you have a good morning, more than likely your day will go pretty well. I have a chart on my wall that says here is what I do right when I wake up, 5 minutes after, 10 minutes after. Instead of tuning into technology try to tune into your inner voice. Make it a point to connect with yourself and the connection will get stronger and stronger every time.

Looking for a coach to work with you through some of these ideas? To get ahead? Send me an email and I would be delighted to work with you to start to redesign your life, one step at a time.

Robindra - yegbloom@gmail.com