Re-evalutaing my values - in business and in life too!

We read this article by  that spoke about her experience at Bloom and we just had to share. Check out the Polished Plum blog here.

Have you ever been asked to assess your values? It feels like such a personal question. Basically what your moral compass is. This weekend I was asked just that as part of a session at the weekend long Bloom event.

I'm going to preface this blog by saying I had a challenging week, I literally walked into this session feeling pretty damn raw and maybe a tad weepy.

I almost chickened out, I'm not great at sharing personal thoughts publicly. I was so honoured to be invited to spend a wonderful afternoon with 30 amazing ladies responsible for founding businesses in my fine city that I couldn't say no.

The session was led by two pretty kick ass ladies, seriously while in their presence I couldn't help but feel inspired to do better, be better and get on my yoga mat. For those of you looking for inspiration check them out!

They started by asking us to consider who we were as founders and pushed us to further consider who we were and what we wanted. They started by asking what are our values. Thinking of them as the guiding principles in our lives and in our businesses.

They asked us to come up with 10 values and then circle the three most relevant at that very moment.

Here are my top 3: Joy Passion Inspiration

It left me with a few questions…

Am I Joyful? 

Yes, I am but I can honestly say I have lost some of my joy in the chaos of life these days. It's hard to hold on to it when you are tired, your phone won't stop ringing, buzzing or alerting and you have throw up on your shoulder.

Passion - I have it right?

Oh yeah, in fact my husband says I have "fire in my belly" which I'm sure makes me a handful most/all days! But am I passionate about the right things? I find myself losing my cool over little things too often these days. My mum always says: Choose the hill you want to die on. I need to take this advice more often. Case in point:  my road rage is totally out of control!

Inspiration - Am I feeling inspired?

I feel inspired every single day. That said what used to inspire me has changed slightly. Design is still an incredibly inspiring motivator but to be honest watching my son learns to play with a new toy is what brings me the most inspiration. And sometimes I feel a bit less of myself for losing myself in him - does that make sense?

Okay here are the big things I left the session with:
Being selfless does not mean I am less of myself 
*take note mums out there!
Do I give myself the same privileges as I do others - for instance forgiveness  *I think most of us are too hard on ourselves
What is my base? Where do I go to reset and feel a bit more calm? *I need to really find a time to do this

To be honest I left with more questions than answers but I left inspired and feeling pretty damn lucky to be part of this group. If you are feeling like you have any enlightened thoughts send them my way!

P.S By the way a big thanks to Lululemon for giving all of us lucky ladies a mat to take home and for Poppy Barley x Its Time To Bloom for making this day happen!