Be the Artist of your Life with Pete Longworth // New Session Added!

“Be the Artist of your Life” with Pete Longworth

Enjoy the wonder, live in awe, make Art of life… and in the process stimulate your social network as you discover the secret ingredients to capturing more creative and engaging images.

Learn to get present, deeply, visually, and forever change the way your see the world. This is a kaleidoscopic offering and the ultimate backstage pass to the unique perspectives of one of Australia’s most captivating visual poets. TEDx talking, globe walking, fun-loving photographer, Pete Longworth, will inspire the realisation that what you see controls the way you feel, and that we all have the power to see, and create, more beauty in our everyday.

If you’re set on being an Instagram sensation, this is not to be missed. Walk home with a conceptual toolkit that will improve every picture you ever take. Life is your canvas. Be an artist. Make a masterpiece. 

Pete Longworth


Pete Longworth is a TEDx talking, globe walking, fun-loving photographer. Energy is his currency, and inspiring new perspectives is his passion. A gypsy, a lover, a Digital Shaman, Pete has headlined Australia’s famous Vivid light festival and he has taken the stage internationally for Lululemon, Apple, Nikon and the Australian Government. 

As a celebrated artist, Pete has adorned the screens at Cannes, been a two-time winner at the New York Independent Film Festival, and was selected as Australia’s featured artist for their National day of celebration. He is tickled to be here with his mindful mission to help you see the world… differently.

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